He cries from his basket to let me know: he’s awake now.

I smile when I see him, just to make sure he knows: he’s special.

He tries to smile, but there’s fussiness in those little eyes.

“Wanna nurse?,” I ask. He eagerly accepts, and closes his little eyes, still tired.

Fast asleep, he burrows his sweet face in the wool of my sweatered arm. Lashes are blonde, I notice, and there’s a baby cleft in his baby chin. Like his Papa, I wonder? Red lips are still puckered, and I think of how soft they are to kiss.

He’s getting older, right before our eyes — but here, gathered in my arms, sound asleep near my heart, he’s my little baby.

I’d like to tie up this moment and put it in my pocket for later.

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  1. Amanda

    Hey! I think I met you back in ’97/’98 (during Ryan’s Nursing school days… :)

    I can’t believe you were at The Rock Church for Christmas Eve. That’s wild. My husband and I must have passed you on the highway – we were in NNY over Christmas.

    I will be here Easter (probably running around as I work for the church), but I’m excited to see you both!

    Very small word indeed.

  2. Ryan

    @Manda: More later (we should get together when we visit again), but just to correct Danica, we went to the Christmas Service at Royal Ridge. The Rock is “on the list” of churches we want to visit–as it’s so close to my folks home! But we really enjoyed Royal Ridge because of the strong Home School contingent.

    But she’s right, I did fall over when I saw you were on staff–what are you doing in my neck of the woods!!!


  3. Amanda

    Oh Royal Ridge! “Ridggggers”.

    Andy and I spent a few months at that church when we moved here, but eventually moved on to the Rock. Actually when we first moved here we went to New Life in Biddeford…and the women that greated us found out I was from NNY, and she asked me if by chance I knew you. Can’t remember her name though… Have you seen their new HUGE building?

    Yes, lets get together when you come visit. That would be lovely.


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