drip. drop. drip.

The plan has been to shop today.

But the longer I sit inside, listening to rain on the roof, watching rain out my window, the louder a certain song plays in my head:

“Can’t you see that it’s just raining?/Ain’t no need to go outside…”

Jameson’s sleeping. We’ll see if, when he wakes up, that song has influenced me enough to change my plans.

It’s not raining where Ryan is. He’s been gone since Sunday and won’t be back for awhile. I’ve got my “little” list of things I’d like to get done while he’s gone. One of the to-dos is switch winter clothes for summer. Then I hear that it’s supposed to snow this weekend, and I wonder at the wisdom in that.

But whenever I hesitate to make the switch, I end up getting too busy, and suddenly it’s 80 degrees, and our shelves are still stocked with wool sweaters, T-shirts nowhere to be found.

So I might as well just do it.

Jameson has a tooth. I thought he had the flu, because his fever started right after mine broke, but after days of fever, cough, and runny nose, there was suddenly the edge of a tooth poking through. Ahh. It all suddenly made sense.

Funny how exciting I think this is. I want to roll my eyes at myself.

Carina had her little Bible study here last night. She asked me to share. I said yes, and then realized how very rusty I am with sharing and such. It’s been awhile since I had to process things the Lord’s shown me in a way that other people would understand. You know?

So, it was the most random and awful (in a preaching-class sense) Bible study I’ve ever conducted. But the girls enjoyed it, and I appreciated the opportunity to jot down thoughts and scriptures and spend that much more time thinking about the work of the Holy Spirit in my heart. I need to do that more.

Jameson and Mara played the whole time like little angels. I couldn’t believe it. What a pleasant surprise.

Easter is coming. I spent yesterday trying to figure out what Jesus was doing on the Tuesday before his death, but at least in Matthew, Monday-Wednesday seems to all run together. Oh well. I got the gist: lots of teaching.

I was thinking about how Jesus died and suffered, thinking about the sorts of diabolic enjoyment his tormentors derived from his pain. Thinking how He could have died just as easily for the sins of the world in a more humane sort of situation, but no. He was subjected to the very worst of human impulse. The sort of evil that makes me shudder in horror — Nazis in Germany, Russion pogroms, African genocides; the sort of evil that lusts to be satisfied by blood; the sort of evil that even we, base as we are, know to be ashamed of — that is the sort of evil He was subject to. He could have died by lethal injection, or at the hands of a firing squad. But no. He looked in the face of our worst moment, and He said, “Father, forgive them.”


Love covers a multitude of sins. Even blood-lust.

I’m so glad He rose, victorious. Don’t you just love Him?

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  1. sam

    We did the change-over last week and now it is snowing. Oh well, it seems to always be the way but we still have enough things to layer to keep us warm. When I used to go to FL each spring I would wash all the winter coats and pack them away before I left, in March. We used layers to keep warm if it was too cold when we got home. I just get to a certain point and decide I am ready for spring, it doesn’t really matter whether or not the weather cooperates.

    We watched The Passion of the Christ with the kids the other night. It really was the very worst of human impulse. To watch the reinactment and know it was probably even worse is more than I can bear to spend too much time dwelling on. It is amazing. I do love Him.

  2. Mary Austin-Howe

    I do love Jesus!!! :-D

    The first tooth is so precious and fascinating. I love seeing the once all gummy grin become the one tooth smile.

    I have to get out Lucas’ and my warmer weather clothes soon, too. We’re going to Old Navy tomorrow to get all the kiddos some dresses, shorts, shirts, tank tops…pretty much the works. (We don’t really have summer clothes for them-yet.)


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