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:. It’s been a nice, relaxing week for Jameson and me. He’s happily accompanied me on errands and visits to Mom and Dad’s — my little buddy. We have so much fun being together (at least, I hope he shares that sentiment!) I’ve not gotten all the projects done that I’d hopes to accomplish, largely due to the week of snow we’re experiencing. T-shirts, shorts, and flower boxes will have to wait for another day.

:. Easter was so, so nice. It was a perfectly-paced day — lots of time for fellowship and laughter, reflection and worship, reunited friends and family, and special food. The Sinclairs aren’t, in general, morning people (poor Mom and me!), so waking early to celebrate His resurrection and enjoy breakfast together — on a Sunday morning, no less! — sets Easter apart as truly special. I love it.

:. And, in case you haven’t stumbled across them yet, here are a few shots from our weekend.

:. The good doctor will be arriving on Saturday afternoon. He will be our guest until Wednesday — what a treat! He’s stayed with us several times, and blesses us with his humor, gentleness, and affection. I know he thinks of Ryan as a son and enjoys being here as much we enjoy having him — as evidenced by the late nights he spends talking and bantering with Ry!

:. I’ve been reading a book Ryan gave me for my birthday, per my request. I’d heard several women I admire speak well of it, and since I’d like to be more diligent in praying for Ryan, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I love it.

Each morning I review a chapter, and then pray for whatever was covered. I am more excited than ever about how I can be a part of Ryan’s success. The book also covers so many things that I fail to identify as prayer concerns and instead just fret about (or nag about…) I feel such peace and relief as I learn to stand in faith for every need to be met by our all-sufficient God.

I also feel freshly commissioned and empowered to wage war on Ryan’s behalf. If we are in covenant, then his enemies are my enemies, and my prayers can win victories for him.

This story came to mind as I was pondering these things. I’m often so turned off by the brassiness of Christian feminism (egalitarians) that I run to the other extreme. Reading this book has re-inspired me to take my rightful place as Ryan’s helpmeet and not wimp out in the name of femininity (feminininininity, right Lor?) He needs me. Back to the story: Jael knew who her husband’s enemies were, and she made them her own. She didn’t wait for Barak to come, either; instead, she rose with strength and resourcefulness and slew the enemy.

As a wife, I hear the troubles that assail my husband’s spirit. I see attacks that sometimes even he is not aware of. There is constantly conflict, and always will be, as he seeks to press into what God has for him and the enemy pushes back. But I am not to be a spectator, or worse, a critic. If I am shrewd as Jael, I will watch for and recognize the schemes of darkness — and I will quickly and swiftly come against them.

This is not acting unbecomingly. No, the Bible paints a picture of femininity that is yet untarnished by first the Romantic era, and then the Feminist movement…

…But those are thoughts for another post.

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  1. Angela

    wow! that’s some good stuff. thanks. i’m not sure i’ve ever really thought of it all in that perspective and i need to. glad you had a nicely paced day. :)

  2. LisaCriscitello

    I hear ya, sister. I have to agree with it all.
    On that note- steal away the cassette tapes (I know, sad) that I forced on your mom awhile back. You’ll be amazed at how much deeper they go into the very thing you’re writing about. You’ll hear challenging, wonderful things that you’ve never heard before. And you’ll be refreshed. Hope it works out.
    If you want to read a bit more about it before you take the time to listen, check it out here, just look down the right-hand side of the page…
    Have a great day!


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