walks, visits, and priorities

Today I took a long walk. Ryan had a conference call, and Jameson had a bit of a fussy afternoon, so we walked to keep the fuss out of the house. Jameson loves walks (for the most part, right Mom?). So up North Street we went, and around the cemetery. Feeling adventurous, I turned left. Past the Walker’s, past the Calahan’s, on we walked. Soon the houses were behind us, and instead, fields of sweet-smelling grass, fragrant woods, and freshly-turned rows of yet-invisible corn.

And it made me miss Louissa. Once when we went for a walk, it turned into a 7-mile jaunt down country roads we’d never seen.

It made me think of how many walks I’ve taken in Madrid. It made me wonder how many more times I’ll find myself walking through farm land.


Tonight was dinner at the Nordberg’s. It was “simple fare” and oh-so-good. The best part was just visiting, though.

I’ll miss that. I’ll miss sitting with people from my parent’s generation, and having the secure feeling of just being loved.

We said goodbye in the driveway, where the rainy afternoon had brought out the fragrance of first flowers. Mmm, it smelled amazing. As we drove away, I said goodbye to Liz’s wedding garden, too. I’ll miss seeing it in full bloom this year.


I played piano for a few minutes today. There was a song stuck in my head that had to come out.

“I want to hear You say the words to me, Well done…”

Psalm 90 says, “Teach us to number our days.”

Too often I number them, find them to be short, and cling ever-more fervently to family, friends — things I don’t want to miss a moment of.

And I’ve missed the point.

Teach me to number my days — that I might seek You with passion, live only for Your Kingdom, and not squander a moment on anything not from You.

The brevity of life forces us all to make our priorities evident, to wear our hearts on our sleeves. What’s on your sleeve?

I want mine to say Jesus. He’s the only thing that matters.

I want to hear You say the words to me, Well done.
I want to hear You say, Good and faithful servant.
I want to hear You say, I’ve prepared a place for you.
Let all the treasures of the earth fade away…

Jesus, You are my reward.
To hear Your voice on that day
is all I’m living for.
Jesus, You are my reward.
To see Your face on that day
is all I’m living for.

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