I just realized that it’s been 10 whole years since I first went overseas.

What I can’t decide is whether those 10 years feel long or short.

Either way, being sixteen feels like it was a lifetime ago.

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  1. Bonnie

    Time-there are so many statements regarding time, and over the years, I have found them all to be true, i.e. time flys by; time is fleeting; time is of the essence; time fades so quickly (me saying that), for that one event is a quick moment in time, that fleeting smile, that fun moment to capture for another memory; and when I was told when I reached 20, time would go so quickly, and it did, and now at my tender but silver age, I say, as my parents and other’s grandparents have said through the passage of time, where did it go. Danica, make great use of that time, enjoy life, sing unto the Lord a new song, Praise Him like you have never praised Him before, spend that quality time with Jameson as you make more memories for him, and have fun with Ryan to recall later on those fun times, those precious times, those family times, those times when you prayed together for so many new events in your life. Yes, time passes quickly, and today is a new beginning. Enjoy this day.

  2. Amanda Wheeler

    Are you guys moving near the Menlo area? I have friends here in Maine (that are here on a 9-month stint for medical school) that live near the Menlo area. They are moving back to CA the end of June. You guys should meet!

    Their names are Nate & Christina Wong. Nate has his MDIV and is hoping to Pastor a church out in CA, and Christina is in Med school and due to have their first son in August. They would love to have dinner with you when you get settled!

  3. Angela Sundaramurthy (Garone)

    I remember when you announced to the church that you were going to India. You were talking about how long you’d be there, and glanced at your dad, obviously hoping for more time, and wondering if you had his permission for the length… or something like that. It was cute. And I have it burned into my memory in full color… red carpet (and hair) and all! I also remember not being able to go to your 16th birthday party (can’t remember why not). But hey, I was invited! Now that’s saying something!


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