:: We’ve had some “firsts” around here recently. Yesterday Jameson went down a slide, several times, and tried out swings, too. He loved both.

Meanwhile, I was having a “first” myself: “Holy cow. My baby is swinging at the playground.”

I’ll take him again this weekend, and try to remember the camera when I do — because I know you’re all dying to see his huge smile from the top of the slide!

:: Another “first” happened today during our stroll around the block. We stopped to admire a green field, and I showed Jameson how to blow dandelion seeds. It’s so fun to show him things and watch his eyes light up. He gets it. Amazing!

:: And this was last week: we’ve been doing peek-a-boo for awhile, and I wondered if he really understood the game at all. But one night I threw his quilt over his face and said, “Where’s Jameson?” He proceeded to lay completely still. For probably a whole minute. Finally he pulled the quilt away to reveal the sparkliest* grin ever. Not only did he understand the game, but he knew that if he waited, it would be even more fun!

:: Packing has begun. I was at a standstill, totally overwhelmed, not sure where to start. Then someone said, “I usually start with the artwork on the walls. And I put linens in a big box.” Sounds good to me!

So Jameson and I have started at it. I wrap and tape and label and box while he sits in one of the packing boxes and plays happily with a roll of tape. This, too, is worthy of a photograph. Soon, I promise.

:: I’ve been reading through old posts recently, and this one jumped out as worth reviewing regularly. I guess I haven’t really mastered the whole prayerful, Kingdom-minded approach to every day life.

But oh, how I want to grow in that! I want my life — my mama, wife, homemaker life — to count!

*not a word.

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  1. Angela Sundaramurthy (Garone)

    Hmmm… packing. Well, I can say this much. Pack everything you need for the first night in your new home in the drawers of your dressers. For example: a set of sheets, blankets, pillows, toiletries, towels, a frying pan, pot, spatulas, and plastic dishware. You may want to add a couple nightlights, some boxed/canned non-perishable foods, and a container of laundry detergent in there, too. That way, when you get to the “other side” and are loaded with towers of boxes all over the place, you can at least pull out whatever immediate items you need, sleep it off, and start unpacking in the morning without having to do a treasure hunt just before bed. I have a lot of experience in this situation. ;-)

    And here’s something weird about moving with children. It often seems like the time you pack up your home to the time you unpack everything, suddenly the baby has outgrown a lot of what was “just right” before the move. Scary.

    Ohhhhhh, how I wish I could still hold Cassie-the-toddler in my arms again. She’s moved on to writing letters, driving her powerwheels, and helping with the goat chores. So when I long for her little-ness again, I just pick up Grace and Glory and lavish it on them. It’s always good to have a baby in the house!

  2. Heather

    i agree with louissa… pictures please!

    about the reupholstery…
    i re-did our piano bench and an old phone seat/stand. they were extremely easy (i’ll have to take pictures). my aunt does a lot with re-finishing things and reupholstering and every time i see a new piece of hers i always get an itchhing to try it. the bigger projects would be a beautiful cushioned bench said aunt gave to us and my grandmother’s old bucket chair which now has pink fabric on it (yuck to pink). these are bigger and much more tricky. its definately a fun challenge though!


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