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I’ve been a bit spoiled this past week. Our house will be available in two days, and in the meantime, we’ve been staying in hotels. This means I don’t even have to make the bed if I don’t want to. (I do.) It also has meant a nice clean pool to play in each morning, or afternoon, or whenever it seems like a fun thing to do. My daily schedule has included a short walk to obtain a cup of coffee (either here or, of course, here), a swim/splash fest in the pool with Jameson, exploratory walks where we shop or swing or just sit and nurse, depending on what we discover, and naps. Plenty of naps.

This is not, I realize, the hard life.

That said, I am definitely looking forward to starting a “real” life. One that will include a house, home-cooked meals, a private backyard, and routine. Routine. Goodness, I love routine.

I have plenty of pictures to post, but my connection, via hotel, doesn’t seem to want to authenticate my flickr uploadr — and I refuse to spend two hours browsing and uploading one at a time. So. They’ll have to wait.

The forecast for the weekend? Highs of 71, perfectly sunny. Not bad, eh? (Ask me what I think in October, when the forecast is still highs of 71 and sunny, while you all are enjoying the smells and sights of autumn in New York [or wherever you’re reading this from.])

I’ve been watching SO MUCH Food Network. Holy cow. I should have a culinary degree by the end of the week, I think. But I’ve also been reading 1 John. (Not as much as I’ve been watching Emeril, if truth be told. Gotta work on that.) I’m just reading it through right now, doing the “big picture” thing. Every now and then I find myself tuned out, because the words are as familiar as Mother Goose rhymes. Other times, I find the words suddenly becoming the memory of a Psalty song (“Beloved, let us love one another. love one another…) But however lousy my mental discipline may be, I’m getting the “people who know God should LOVE” message loud and clear.

Sort of.

It’s funny that it wasn’t until 2.5 times through 1 John that it occurred to me that all of this love stuff probably applies to my relationship with Ryan. Huh. Go figure. I am so used to reading this book and thinking about “the brethren” that I forget that these challenges hit much closer to home (or should.) It’s not just “the world” that should see in my love for them God Himself; it’s Ryan, too. I’m smart enough to know that Ephesians 5 applies to me as a wife; it’s all the rest of the Bible that I sometimes forget about.

We’ll work on that, too.

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  1. sam

    A house with a yard?! That sounds absolute wonderful. Any plans on “housework” before the furniture arrives? There were a couple of times we had a few days before the furniture arrived. We always painted the house and had the carpet cleaned. Of course we painted everything off-white, and it was a bit more boring than our current abode, but it sure is a lot easier without any furniture to move.

    One of our last times with Norm in CA was in November. I remember needing our winter coats so it may not be sunny and 71 all the time. :) Plus, you shouldn’t have to drive too far to get a “fall fix” if you really need it. (This from a woman who thinks eight hours is not a bad drive, though.)

    Looking forward to the pictures. Soak up all the R & R you can these last two days. Unpacking and setting up a new home always takes a bit longer than you imagine!

  2. ana

    oh wow….it seems beautiful up (over? down?) there! Mostly I got hooked on the Starbucks part=) Hope you guys are having a wonderful time……everyone misses you like crazy!


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