we’re here.


We made it!

Friday evening found us landing in the San Francisco airport, a bit harried, a lot tired, and mostly happy to see Daddy.

My thoughts on the flights:

1. I can’t complain. I didn’t get sick, and Jameson didn’t fuss for even a second the ENTIRE DAY. What a kid.
2. Nonetheless, I found myself wanting to complain. I just don’t like flying.
3. Reminding myself, while running through O’Hare with a heavy baby on my hip and trying to steer a heavily-laden stroller with one hand, that my mom would think of this as an adventure, helped me smile. Even through security, which surprised every guard there.
4. Although I don’t condone handing off children to total strangers, I will say that exceptions can and should be made. When I got through security and had to (with one hand) assemble my collapsed stroller, position the carseat, put the laptop back in the bag, put two bags over my shoulder without dropping the contents which had been hastily stuffed inside, and put my shoes back on, I decided to say yes when a kind lady from the next line over offered to hold my baby for a minute. (I realized later that that one minute was the only time, for 10 hours straight, that I was not holding Jameson. Wow, I am sooo ripped.)
5. Last thought: I dread going home to visit. Maybe someday, when I’ve mastered packing and baby-balancing, that dread will dissipate.

But enough with planes and airports. How ’bout some California?

Saturday we did some traipsing. Sunday, too. Ryan is a great traipser, and I think it’s one of his favorite thins to do. So far, we’ve done downtown Los Altos (cute shops, yummy breakfast), Santa Cruz (too touristy for my husband who likes to remind me that he grew up on the ocean and doesn’t do public beaches), San Jose (where we overheard a girl walking out of G*cci: “Oh m’gosh, what a great deal! It was like $1725!,” and we’re pretty sure, judging by security guards at the door of the store, that she didn’t mean $17.25), Palo Alto (more on that later), and Halfmoon Bay.

Lots of sunshine and lots of togetherness for this little family of three.


We love each other.

Moving along…

Monday was our 2nd anniversary. Ryan had a gift ready and waiting, and, in true Ryan-style, it was killing him to have to wait till Monday to give it to me. Lucky for him, Jameson spit up all over my clothes right before leaving for church on Sunday, and Ryan whisked out his gift bag, ready to save the day with a brand new outfit. Usually I’m not okay with early gift-giving, but in this instance (new clothes, that is), it was fine by me.

Oh — so, Sunday was church. Hmm. I’ll run out of time if I write about that too much. Suffice to say, I met a really friendly couple, and we’re going out with their family next week after church, at which point she’ll grill me about homeschooling. I really liked her, and I’m looking forward to getting together.

Back to anniversary: Sunday night was coming to an end, and with it, our special weekend together. Monday morning, Ryan would go to work, and my week in the hotel with Jameson would begin. I was a bit sad, that’s for sure. So was Ryan — I thought.

Until he finally told me, as the night was coming to a close, that he had taken the day off so we could celebrate our anniversary together! Ooh, I was so excited! Another day of “vacation”!

The whole day would be a surprise, however. He only told me be ready to leave by 8am.

The big surprise was unveiled as we drove into Palo Alto and stopped at a very chic spa. Ryan had set up an appointment for an hour of massage, preceded by time in a private jacuzzi/sauna room. Oo-la-la. I felt like Fancy Nancy! (Sorry to all you who only have little boys. I’m sure you haven’t read that book.)

So the boys drove off, and Jameson cooperated with the plan by sleeping the entire time I was at the spa. I did, too. Well, maybe it was wasn’t full-fledged sleeping, but I was definitely relaxing with my eyes closed, drinking in every detail of the teak jacuzzi, the water spilling over smooth brown tile, being pampered and spoiled and quiet for a whole hour… I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t think of myself as a spa kind of girl, but I figured out how to enjoy myself, that’s for sure.


After eating our umpteenth meal at Whole Foods, we headed out to Halfmoon Bay. (Is it one word or two? Not sure…) It was a gorgeous drive, although nothing beats Big Sur. Trust me. The temperature at the Bay was wonderfully refreshing. The shops were darling. The company was perfect. Although we didn’t spend gobs of time there in an effort to beat rush hour traffic, we did mark it as a place to revisit.

The only sad part about our anniversary was that I was counting on Ryan being gone all day, thus giving me an opportunity to buy him a card and such — since I hadn’t had much of a chance in the weeks preceding our move. But, no worries. I’ve since rectified the situation, and tonight he’ll get a belated anniversary token from yours truly.

Ryan is fabulous. After being away for a month, I’m finding renewed appreciation for him. We arrived to a neat and tidy hotel room, where his clothes fit nicely into the drawers, and his one piece of luggage was tucked away, out of sight. No longer. Now we are three, and I packed gobs and gobs, knowing we’d be without our belongings for quite a bit. I’m very aware of how much more difficult his life became the minute we landed at the airport — but he assumes his role as husband and father without complaint. Now there are bags to be carried, a baby to be hushed, less room in the bed, more food to be bought… It goes on and on, and you all know the little but constant services required of a dad. Well, I love him for every one. He’s a great guy.

Do I miss home? Well, my dad always said there are no dumb questions, but if there was, that would be one of them. However, I’m sure there will be plenty on that topic in upcoming posts. For now, I’ll just say that I woke up Saturday morning and asked Ryan, “Is it okay that I’m already homesick?”

But that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ann

    So glad you made it. Sounds like you’re doing great! :) It was strange not to see your red curls in front of me Sunday morning.

  2. lore

    first: I love Whole Foods. One thing I’ll miss about urban life, that’s for sure.
    second: I loved reading all of this. Every single word.
    third: More than both of the first two combined, I love you guys!

    and I can’t wait to have my ten hour flight (minus baby) to land in your new home! August 14th can’t get here soon enough!

  3. Heather

    Yay! I was so excited to see an update and to read that all is well and all is FUN! Happy belated anniversary. Can’t wait to hear more and see some pictures!

  4. Margaret

    WOW!!! What an introduction to the west coast. ryan did a great job and the anniversary surprise was super!! tell him he gets A plus from me. glad you’re there and settled in somewhat. we miss you here but you’re off to a great adventure with the Lord and your little family.
    love you lots

  5. diane

    I needed to hear this and know it all went well – well, at least you could carry it off and make it look easy!! ryan sounds like he is doing such a good job of being there for you and in pulling for each other, you will make it! you know what helped me when I spent 4 months alone on the west coast – EXPECT to feel homesick and lonesome. don’t expect to just overcome the sadness and keep on without missing a beat. as the days dawn and homesickness meets you, say “I planned to meet you, and my Lord is greater! hallelujah!
    (I am trying not to get hooked on reading your posts – don’t have the time – but it may not be easy!!) love ya!

  6. Stacie

    How strange it is to “visit” you in the same place I always do… but you are writing from somewhere else entirely!

    Happy anniversary and I hope you find plenty to do in a hotel room with a baby! (BTW, 10 hours?!?! You really are ripped! =)

  7. sam

    So glad to hear from you! Sounds as if a wonderful reunion weekend was had by all. What an extra special treat Monday was. (I received a similar surprise today.)

    The flying thing gets easier the more you do it. I’ll never forget the first time I flew (almost) coast to coast with the kids. I let them pack their backpacks full of things to keep busy never thinking how heavy they would be on their little backs as we trudged through O’Hare. Needless to say, I packed differently the next time.

    As far as handing your baby off to a stranger I can identify completely. The last time I took all four kiddos to CA by myself I left our tickets in the bathroom, on top of the toilet paper dispenser. Of course I didn’t realize it until I was in line to check in. I put my almost seven year old in charge (under the supervision of the lady behind us) while I sprinted back to get them. I still can’t believe I did that!

    Anyway… Glad to hear you made if safe and sound. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you begin the process of settling in. I am anxious to read what God does in/through you during this adventure. One thing for sure, it’s gonna be good!

  8. Judy T.

    Hi! So good to hear an update-and what an update it was! Fun, fun.
    Mike and I have vistied Halfmoon Bay. Yes, they do have darling shops.
    And you were right-this mom of all boys has NEVER heard of Fancy Nancy. :-)
    Love you and miss you,

  9. krista

    Sounds like quite an adventure! (I know we will be having some next week when we travel to the US for the first time with a baby!).
    Happy Anniversary! A spa?!? Yep, you are out of the north country!
    Hope you can soon settle into your new home and town.


  10. LisaCriscitello

    Thanks for reading???
    Are you kidding?
    How ’bout thanks for posting such a wonderful update…complete with details that made me laugh AND cry.
    Everyone here is already homesick for you, no doubt about it!
    Love and Hugs from NY!

  11. Carina

    Danica — I did get your message, but every time I have had a chance to call it is in the morning and it would be REALLY early for you in California. I guess I am not worried about you waking up, but I know how Ryan likes his sleep. ;) I will call sometime soon though – promise.

    I miss you.


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