Jameson is asleep beside me, on “his” side of the bed. I’ve loved having a little bed-buddy while Ryan’s been gone, and he seems to like it, too; he’s been sleeping more and more (in other words, waking up fewer and fewer times!). There’s something special about watching him sleep next to me. His little baby face, framed by chubby baby arms, causes me to pause, every night, and cherish. He won’t always be a baby, his breath sweet and skin soft, cuddled next to me in bed. This night — this one right now — is a gift to be savored.

Thank You, Lord, for this gift.

Today I packed only one box. The rest of the day was spent here at my parents’, just living life together. After lunch, Mom, Bri, and I tied on aprons and worked on little treats for a party this evening. (Bummer! I didn’t get any pictures! Oh well…) Pretty and fancy desserts, yummier-than-yummy puffed pastry morsels — fun. Special. Together.

Then this evening, after little ones were abed, friends arrived to bid me farewell. We sipped iced tea on a pretty porch, lit by oil lamps and candles, and enjoyed the long evening surrounded by beautiful gardens and the laughter of friendship. There were gifts and cards and remember-whens. Pretty dessert with oohs and ahhs. Strengthening prayers (Wow, Lord. These women have listened and remembered the prophetic words I’ve received? They have really loved me that much? forever! Probably we can forgo the introductions, but I am planning on a very enjoyable weekend of being a little family, all together, before he goes to work Monday morning and leaves Jameson and me to discover our new hometown.

Thankful. Excited. Blessed.

[Thanks, Mom, for a special evening, and special hours of preparing. I’m going to miss you.]

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  1. Abby

    I’m so sorry that I didn’t get the chance to give you one last hug, but then you are spared seeing a few more tears shed by this emotional lady. Know that you’ll be in my prayers. Your courage is amazing. You will be missed.

  2. diane

    danica – I checked in, wondering, “has she left yet?? can I get that one more treat of our visits?” but I see I’m too late. you’ve said your farewells and there were so many – you have impacted so many lives, so many have you inspired and loved and honed to be more like the Savior…. I want you to know that you have changed my life forever. oh yes, the music, the worship, the leading of a little band of praise. definately, yes definately that has given me a gift beyond measure. you helped me fulfill one of my biggest and most daunting calls and dreams. but yes, so much more, too. you have inspired and amazed and scared me and enthralled me! I thank you. I will miss you. I love you.


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