a tour, of sorts.

For all you curious types (like me), and especially for my mom, there’s a little slideshow tour of our home right here.

Thanks for stopping by!

13 Comments a tour, of sorts.

  1. James'(Harmer)

    Hey Danica, I put some of my sisters songs on my website. One of them was inspired by you and Ryan and is kind of about you. It’s called “how pure.”

    Let me know what you think of it, she wants you to get to hear it. It’s in the music section at the top right hand side.

    Hope things are good for you and Ryan in California!!


  2. Carol

    Love that dresser. I am so glad that it has hardware on it too! I love you d and keep meaning to write…sorry that I haven’t yet. I miss you a lot, a very lot. I will call or email soon…promise! Less than four months and then Andy and I will be wed… :)

  3. A friend in Virginia

    Wow! What fun! Ryan, you did a great job picking out a house, and Danica, you are of course doing a super job making it a home! Thanks for the pics!

  4. darlenesinclair

    Looks like Home Sweet Home to me! What a great place, and what a wonderful job of settling in!

    I’m perplexed about the shower curtain. Daddy thinks it was already packed the day I was taking down the plastic liner. I even talked about junking the liner and then decided to send it anyways. I hope I didn’t junk the real curtain by mistake!!

  5. sam

    Oh, I love home tours. (I have been known to go to open houses when I don’t really need a house, just to look.) Thanks for the tour, it looks as if you are settling in nicely. I love the little courtyard, you have the perfect weather for it that’s for sure.

  6. Mary

    Your home/property is so beautiful and has a fresh, welcoming and organized look. It seems to fit you well! :)

  7. Keila

    What a wonderful job setting up your new house in such a short time already! I am very impressed… it has taken me quite a while and I’m still not done! Love and miss you!


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