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Jameson finally fell asleep and is still sleeping.

He apparently enjoyed the morning as much as I did, and didn’t want to miss a beat.

We hopped in the van (weird. We have a van.) first thing this morning and began the process of scouting out garage sales. This is something I was never into back home. With towns at least 15 miles apart, and people’s concept of treasure worth rummaging for being questionable to me, it just never seemed like enough return for all of the investment. However, here, in this lovely little town, the case is quite different.

We stumbled upon a moving sale a few streets over. A mid-30s couple from Denmark was selling every last thing except their kitchen knives. Shoes, mantles, books and dishes. Everything. And, amazingly enough, the woman seemed to understand the concept of a bargain. After asking her pricing on several things, and getting answers like $1, or even 50 cents, I decided this was worth the time and effort.

And boy oh boy, did we load up. A leather ottoman (Ikea), the set of Little House on the Prairie, old pillow cases in crazy grass green stripes and prettily faded pink gingham, never-been-opened table cloths and curtain panels that show great potential for sewing projects (at less than a buck a piece, I’m pretty sure I just scored 50 cent/yd fabric!), and other little finds. It was SO MUCH FUN.

Then we headed to the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately, the Market here in town happens on Sunday morning, while we’re at church, but this is only a 5 minute drive. Last week we took our exploratory trip, not having a clue of what we would find. And I ended up on overload.

Tent after tent after tent of produce, crowds jostling for that prime bunch of spring carrots, lines out to the road at the strawberry stand, and music and food and flowers. And I had no idea what I was doing.

Well, after devouring the corn and beans and heirloom tomatoes back at home, and deciding what our favorites were, I was able to head back with a plan.

First: bring a stroller.
Second: bring all of my Trader Joe’s heavy-duty shopping bags.
Third: make a list of items to be procured.
Fourth: have enough cash.
Fifth: leave Jameson with Daddy so I can jostle with the best of them.

It worked. We now have a big bag of corn on the cob, which we’ll probably eat for lunch tomorrow, solo. I mean, what can possibly be paired with the sweetest and freshest of corn? Iced tea? Lemonade? That’s about all.

We ate fresh red leaf lettuce for lunch. Yum. Yum yum. I forget how awesome a salad can be. I think it’s what health tastes like, don’t you? Like forking down raw energy.

We have asparagus, which we love on pasta and in egg casserole; we have plums and nectarines ready to become a nice fruit crisp tomorrow; we have two little cantaloupe that are ripe and ready the day you buy them (!), and combined with the tomatoes and basil growing outside, I think we’re set for the week.

Yes, you could say I’m taking advantage of this wonderfully fruitful plain I find myself living in. (Well, maybe not a plain and more like a valley, but you get it.)

Of course, all of these fresh fruits and veggies are chased down each evening with ice cream. *sigh* This, I confess, is our weakness. In this area, we are the picture of a perfect marriage. He leads, and I gladly follow.

I hear the baby stirring. I’ll go get him ready for one more outing. We’re going to go check out our town’s version of the Sidewalk Festival.

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  1. brietta

    Sounds like so much fun! I love Farmer’s Markets, and I especially loved one I discovered in Pgh that boasted farmers from as far as a couple hours away. The only bummer to such “freshness” is the number of slugs and such that I would find as I washed lettuce. I know it’s proof that it’s really and truly raw produce, but I just don’t have quite the stomach for such things!

    Daniel and I have discovered these recently. The great thing is that it seems a crime to eat more than one, so you really are getting a very modest portion!

  2. LisaCriscitello

    WoW. The slideshow of your home is great.
    Just found out that my cousin actually lives in Palo Alto.
    She and her hubby are in Paris for the summer.
    You are making me terribly jealous writing about all these visits and brunches and fresh fruits and veggies.
    Do you make stuffed dates? I pit them and stuff them with natural pb, then roll them in turbinado sugar. Great summer dessert…

  3. Nancy

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blogs Danica along with a list of others. What a great way to keep up-to-date with people. Keep up the good work.


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