what’s happening.

What’s annoying: The neighbor’s yard crew showing up as you’re putting the baby to sleep — and deciding to begin by weed-whacking right under the window where his basket is.

What’s funny: Walking around the house thinking, “Man, these pants feel loose. I must be losing weight!”, only to look down and realize that your snap is undone.

What’s adorable: Jameson clapping his baby hands and cooing, “Yay!” every time I say, “Good job!”, “All done!”, or just anytime he thinks a celebration is due. Oh, and every time he plays the piano!

What’s challenging: This post on submission, and implications it has for being intentional and guarded in my speech.

What’s awesome: This post on how we speak about children. Mom is always good for a reminder that children are people, and our words have life and death in them — so don’t be flippant about your kids!

What’s interesting: Dr. Mohler gets me up to speed with happenings at the Vatican — and I say thank goodness for straight-shooting Benedict!

What’s yummy: Fresh peaches fried in butter with honey and cinnamon.

What’s beautiful: A California afternoon. Yup. It’s as nice as they say.

3 Comments what’s happening.

  1. Lori Ruehle

    The link to the post about how we speak about our kids was a good reminder for me….this is definitely an area I need to work on, and reminders always help.

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