oh, by the way.

…And, by the way, there is Jared.

Jared is new to California — newer than us, actually. He was hired and moved out here about a week after Jameson and I arrived. He’s eaten dinner at our house since it’s been our house, and has kindly endured lack of furniture and lack of food because, hey, it’s still better than a hotel. Jared’s dad is a pastor, so we have a certain kinship. Jared and Ryan share the special kinship of geek-ness and love for the iPhone. Jameson loves him, too, and Ryan and I have fallen into the habit of handing Jameson off when we, say, would like to scour a used bookstore.

Tonight is a big night for Jared. Tonight his wife and his four boys (FOUR boys! Did you read that, Jude?) arrive out west. Since their stuff isn’t here quite yet, I’ve been rounding up every spare towel, sheet, and blanket I can find.

And, of course, getting busy in the kitchen. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve made something for someone? Naturally, I jumped on this opportunity to bless a new family with cookies for tonight’s late-arrival snack, and a coffecake for tomorrow’s empty-cupboard breakfast. My eagerness to help is not a sign of me forcing friendship on Andrea and her boys. Not at all. :)

Actually, my only disappointment with the family’s arrival is that it finally occurred to me last week that them moving to California doesn’t mean that instead of Jared eating dinner here, Jared and Andrea and four boys will eat dinner here. Sadly, they’ll probably eat in their own house. Most of the time. Sometimes, I hope they do us the honor of sitting out on our patio and chatting over food, while four boys find adventure and fun in our Secret Garden backyard.

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  1. Judy T.

    Wow! That is so wonderful that you have the opportunity to bless this wonderful family of four boys! Will they live close to you?

    BTW, Mike came home with a big smile on his face the day he spoke with you. He said it was so good to hear your voice. Just in case you didn’t know-the Tomfords really miss the Dunpheys.

    Judes :-)


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