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I’m a slow learner sometimes.

Take, for instance, my experience with tuna fish.

I don’t really care for tuna fish, except right from the can in a salad. No mayo, thanks. (Or, of course, in a steak form, seared on the outside, raw on the inside, or, of course, completely raw on top of sticky rice with soy sauce and wasabi [aka sushi].) Even on a salad, I prefer albacore. However, as we all know, albacore is more expensive. So, being frugal, I never bought albacore, and just bought the regular stuff when it was on sale.

And there, in my pantry, would sit all of those regular cans of tuna. All that money saved, just so I could have cans on my shelf.

Finally, I have a breakthrough: Spend a few extra cents on tuna I’ll actually eat, and stop wasting all that money on tuna I’ll never touch.


Two nights ago, I made this. (Don’t even ask me how I find all these random sites. None of us knows how we end up where we end up on the internet.) Ryan said, “Mmmm, not my favorite.” I, on the other hand, happily consumed ever last bit for lunch the next day.

My modifications and my conclusions:

I did not have an avocado. (Ryan would probably have liked it better if I had.)
I did not add chilis or peppers, beause Ryan doesn’t like hot.
I never use raw onion, because it makes us both ill. Instead, I chopped up 4+ cloves of garlic. A little bite, a lot of flavor… perfect. (I do that with guac, too.)

This was good the first night, but way better the next day. So my conclusion is that this should sit overnight for best results.

K. That’s all!

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  1. sam

    I have a black bean salad recipe that is very similar; it has been a hit this summer. Thanks for the link, I will have to check it out further as I have a few vegetarians in the house these days.

  2. lore

    we love each other. . . you say that to Jameson and I say that to you. talking to you last night was so much fun! I should take 17 hour drives more often so we could have that much time to talk and cry and pray and love. can’t wait to see you.

    and btw, i’ve been making that salad for about a year—it’s cheap, tasty, and filling. (and better with an avacado).

    kiss the babe.
    until i can kiss him myself.

  3. julia

    Yes. It is the song that you heard at Vision and then at church on a Sunday morning! Speaking of church on Sunday mornings; I lead worship as soon as I had gotten back from Spain, (first service I went to after you left) and it was one of the few times you weren’t in the front row worshiping. Wow. I do miss seeing you and ryan there, with your genuine and apparent love for the Lord every single day without fail.

    I love you both!


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