green thoughts.

Green: I reuse every bag that comes into the house, paper or plastic.

Not green: I like long, hot showers.

Green: I have paper towels on hand, but seldom use them. Too much paper waste, and way too much money.

Not green: The products and amount of water I use to clean my bathroom. (Shameful, really, but who can skimp on a bathroom?)

Green: I wash ziplocs until they finally crinkle, crack, and die.

Not green: I roll my window down in the car, even when the AC is on.

Green: Thanks to not being able to find comet at any of the stores I’ve remembered to check in, I’ve discovered the power of baking soda on my white porcelain kitchen sink.

And what motivates most of my “green” choices? I confess, it has as much to do with this green

as this one.

(And, fwiw, I think Mr. Gore would actually get places with the average Republican if he threw out the whole global warming argument and instead went with fiscal responsibility. What do you think?)

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  1. Angela

    soft scrub also works wonders on white porcelain sinks. i love white porcelain sinks. you’re right about gore. however, i do like paper towels. i love your posts!


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