Here’s my kitchen table at mid-day. It’s a hard-working table. And the dried mango is my new must-have snack. Yum.

This is a tablecloth I bought last week at an estate sale. It belonged to the mother of a man in his mid-60s, who said he remembered it being on the table at lunch every day. Isn’t it a perfect peanut-butter-and-jelly sort of tablecloth?

Here’s a peek in my cupboard. I love these little dishes. (The third is on the table already.) Aren’t they just prettiness?

Today I made soup with stock and meat from a recent chicken dinner. I’ll stash it in the freezer for when I have one of “those” days. You know. A Jonah day.

How about a glimpse at what I made for myself last week? Jameson lost my wallet a few weeks back, so I made myself a new one… and then got inspired to make a nice big bag to match. Yup. Big and strong and perfect for all of our little grocery trips.

Next to plain old dirt, Jameson loves the garden hose the best. Until Daddy turns it on, that is. :)

And this is where Jameson ends up after his patio escapades.

And there’s more fun where that came from!

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  1. Angela

    I love vintage stuff like that table cloth. It’s so neato!
    Great sewing. Did you use a pattern?
    Jameson looks entirely like Ryan but with Danica eyes and hair color in that bathtub picture.
    So cute!

  2. Alison

    The tablecloth reminds me of our dutch friends! Cute!

    I can never get a tablecloth to stay on our table. Too many little hands over the years pulling, or the contastness of me “straightening” frustrates me. Of course several times we have had a kitten… they like tablecloths too much!

    I have “settled” for a placemat in the middle with a fruit bowl or vase of flowers. It is easier and still adds a little touch to the table.

    I have realized I miss your wonderful smile… and they incredible charming way you are so completely in love with litttle Jameson. It is always encouraging to my soul.

    Kevin & I took a “business/award” trip to San Francisco one summer. We did enjoy it…. but decided it was best we didn’t live there…we would consume to much sourdough bread to be healthy!

  3. LisaCriscitello

    I feel very silly that I have church folding tables and chairs with plastic flower tablecloths.
    It’s often embarrassing and discouraging…
    at least until it comes time to just wipe them all down with a wet cloth and then I’m glad we don’t have so many pretty things just yet.
    Can you believe my youngest are going to be 3 soon?
    That’s just not right!

  4. Danica

    @Angela: For the little zipper pouch, I used the instructions from “Bend the Rules Sewing,” which I just bought. It was just the little boost I needed to finally include a zipper in my sewing. Now just watch — I’ll be putting zippers in headbands and tablecloths and everything else!

    The tote? Just me and my squares. :) As simple as it gets, but about as functional as sewing can be! I love big bags!


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