Oh, and another item of mischief:

My baby monitor went missing a couple days ago. A quick search under furniture did not reveal anything. Huh. Where on earth could it have gone in this tiny house?

Oh, if only Jameson could talk. He could’ve told me that I’d easily find it in the dryer, in with the load of towels.

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  1. Judy T.

    Has he hidden the keys yet? That’s always a fun one! Especially when you discover them missing as you reach for them while you are walking out the door…and then there’s the remote…
    Judes :-)

  2. LisaCriscitello

    Don’t ever, ever stop posting the items of mischief!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I told you I experienced that same breathtaking drive over the bridge around sunset and how I just LOVED Napa and Sonoma!!! What amazes me most is how you drive and then BAM!, there’s a mountain- right there! Not off in the distance, not up ahead, but right beside where you’re driving- a HUGE, majestic mountain! Nothing like the Adirondacks. I really hope to return someday with Eric- would you help me convince him it would be worth it?


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