Just popping my head in to say that I’m still here.

After a quick overnight visit from our favorite Dr. Wilson, I changed the sheets once again for our next guest, my friend.

Yay. Lore’s here!

We’ve been keeping busy, even if it’s just busy with oo-ing and ah-ing over Jameson, sipping coffee (because, you know, she drinks coffee now!), and enjoying company in the kitchen. But we’ve done more than that. We’ve walked around town, had dinner in the park, window shopped in downtown Palo Alto (with lots of drooling here), bought some fabric and such, went to Carmel-by-the-Sea (I like to use the full name; it’s just too much fun not to!), Big Sur, Monterey, church on Sunday, and — phew! — stayed home yesterday!

Yes, we stayed home, and I plugged away at crib bedding while Lore managed to procure apples from the tree in our backyard and baked an apple pie just because I mentioned I would love to have some. We made dinner and rearranged the living room furniture, pulled rocks and dirt out of Jameson’s mouth, and sat on the patio. It was a lovely day.

It’s awfully fun to have someone here who is almost as smitten as I am with Jameson. The feeling, it would seem, is mutual. She chases him around the house on her hands and knees, and he giggles harder than his little tummy can handle. And when she stops, he does his best to egg her on. Oh, it’s too cute and too fun. What a sweet little boy I have. What a nice friend, too.

We’ve got a long day in San Francisco in the back of our minds. I emailed a stranger whose blog I found — after realizing she was from San Fran, and that she’s creative and fun and into nooks and crannies of the city, I thought maybe she’d be able to direct us to some spots we’d truly enjoy. And guess what? An hour later, she wrote back with the longest list of places she loves and why. And oooo, I can’t wait to see them all!

So, that and hopefully sewing, and, well, I don’t want to talk about the visit ending. Not quite yet. I’m still in the middle of it. No need to rush to the goodbyes. Not today.

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  1. lore

    yes, you 2 are surely wholesome girls.
    I hope you get enough of each other to tide you over for awhile.

    and that pic of Jameson? Snuffle-upi-gus. Definitely Snuffle-upi-gus.

  2. darlenesinclair

    Sounds like mutual bliss out there. I’m sure someone hates the thought of leaving as much as you hate the thought of the her doing it! But enjoy today while you have her. Do and share and enjoy. Sounds like lots of fun happening.

    Daddy found a ticket for $204 round trip. Said I could scoot for a weekend. “Which one?” was my reply. And how could I go for just a weekend? Hope the price holds for a longer stint. Then again, maybe I will forget my l-o-n-g to do list and pack up. Who knows?

    Love you tons.

  3. Angela

    sounds like a lovely time. i never like rushing the goodbyes. i always hold on to the moments as long as i can. she sounds like a lovely person. so glad you’re able to have a great friend and a piece of home nearby for a bit. :)


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