Want an Update?

Lore posted!

Tomorrow we’ll head to San Francisco.

(And Lore will be home next Wednesday, Mom.)

2 Comments Want an Update?

  1. Carole

    Hi Danica. I didn’t forget about your first foods request – I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! :) Glad to see that you’re staying busy out there in your new home.

  2. Angela

    Lore is a great writer and a beautiful person-inside and out! love the pictures!!! Ican’t believe you made all that stuff. that is so cool. I love the colors for Jameson’s stuff. and I also think it would be the most wonderful thing to sit in that living room and listen to you play the piano and worship your heart out. i would love to join you in that festivity some time. wow. those pictures-esp the close up of you at the sewing machine md me miss you. i cried. i just miss you. there is just that special something about you and i would love to see you again. i guess i will settle for calling you on the phone soon. i’m letting you have much needed time w/your lovely friend. :)


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