this moment.

:: Lore is sitting on the hardwood of my living room floor, with a sweet smelling babe nestled in her lap. He wanted to read, and she is happy to oblige. And I — I am happy to watch. It’s been too nice to have someone here to love my baby with me, all day long. Yes, we’ve done lots of loving-on-the-babe.

:: Jameson is all curly-q and blue eyes these days. His mama has not clipped a single strand of his quirky hair. I’m skittish, I’ll admit. Skittish, and a bit attached to the baby that hair represents. Perhaps when we next meet up with his auntie, she can trim it in such a way that he still looks like a baby.

:: Jameson is also all baby powder and sweet shampoo. His patio and garden hose escapades make bath time a necessary part of most days… at least once!

:: We have one day left together. We haven’t really talked about what we must do. Except bake artichokes, because I’ve never done it, and she says I will really love them.

:: She commented tonight that we’ve done awfully well — two weeks together, and not a moment of being bored. Lots of moments of doing nothing, but never bored. I guess we were both ready for a few weeks of shared silence.

:: Not that we haven’t talked. You will be amazed to know, however, that only one night have we stayed up talking — and even that was nothing compared to the late-night conversations we used to have. You know. The ones where you barely have time to go to bed before the next morning? Those are much more rare now that we’re mature and, well, old fogies.

:: There’s the aroma of fresh-baked cookies wafting through the house. Yum. There are the sounds of a clarinet spilling from a neighbor’s window. Beautiful. There’s soft lamplight all through the house. Peaceful.

:: There’s a friend who has, yes, been a friend for two weeks. I’ve been encouraged and exhorted and hugged and laughed with. I’ve had every one of my ideas greeted with enthusiasm and sparkling blue eyes, and hands and imagination ready to help. We’ve sewn and cooked and rearranged — and done the other stuff of daily grind that is much more fun when there’s a baby giggling in the other room because my friend is playing games with him.

:: Yes, he giggles, and I know: I’m blessed. In this moment, I am blessed.

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