the report. (more photos)

Her name is Aubrey.

She is fair, like Jackson. Like me.

She scored 8 on the apgar.

She is beautiful, they say.

But her heart has not responded to the medication, and fluid is building on the stressed organs.

She’s being whisked to Syracuse with her daddy. Bri must stay behind and heal.

Thank You, Jesus, for Aubrey. Thank You for keeping her safely in her mama’s womb, and now bringing her into the world. Heal her heart, Lord. Completely. Speed Brietta’s recovery, so she can quickly join her baby.

Thank You for grace.

9 Comments the report. (more photos)

  1. Bec, Kip & Cam

    We’re praying for her and are so thankful that Aubrey has arrived. Know that we are with you all during this difficult time. With much love & prayers…

  2. Stacie

    Thank you so much for these updates, Danica… It’s helping me keep my sanity knowing what’s happening with our dear Paladins.

  3. Eric T

    I am less than 20 minutes away from the hospitals in Syracuse. Is there anything Jen and I can do for Daniel and anyone that comes down… They can stay with us, we can feed them, perhaps visit Daniel at the hospital…
    Let me know what is needed… 703-4784

    Thank you… praying…

    eric T

  4. Michelle Perez

    D, Thank you for keep everyone updated. If there’s anything I can do let me know. I love you guys and your in our prayers. 261-4623.
    Love you,

  5. Mrs. Kinnen

    thanks so much for the updates. Cathie Deschaine called around 4:40 then Ben called after she Aubrey was born but I have been checking your site every hour or so. the Kinnens are all praying!


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