a late night phone call.

just got a phone call from daniel (3AM EST). the doctors were able to stabilize aubrey’s rapid heartbeat. there’s one more hurdle, a heart defect that she’s likely had since 2-months. doctors will need to perform surgery, and they’re consulting now but it will happen between within the next six-months (could be any day.)

but by all other accounts, she’s a healthy, wonderful, and “beautiful” baby girl.

the remainder (and majority) of the conversation consisted mostly of the joys of being a christian and the fellowship and strength we share together as a Church of His people.

God is so good.


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  1. diane

    So thankful to check in and hear a hopeful report this morning! I went to bed praying and woke up
    several times, praying in the night! God is faithful and so, so good! Adam was whisked to Watertown’s Intensive Care after c section, and I am taken back to those desperately scary days! Koinonia is all
    praying! Thank you for keeping us updated. Oh, have I told you I love reading ALL your updates! Your
    gift of taking the everydays of motherhood and bringing it all to life, with your kneeling to Christ and His
    wonderful sovereign power for our days, is inspiring again and again to me! (sorry – I write letters, not comments!) I love you….

  2. Kim Flack

    We’re so glad to hear the wonderful news! Aubrey truly is a “miracle baby”! Thanks for all the updates. We’re still praying.

  3. Michele Laramay

    Thank you Jesus! And thank you Danica for the updates. We stopped church at NTC to pray last night, and I have done nothing but pray ever since. I am sooo glad you wrote these updates, as I wasn’t sure how to find out how things had turned out. Our God is so faithful!!!!!

  4. sarah o.

    Praying for them both! And that Brietta can be with her little baby soon! I can’t imagine being separated. I am so glad that Aubrey is born and praying that God will continue to protect her and heal her heart.

  5. Andrea

    What a hard thing to go through for the new mom and dad, and whole family. I am keeping you all in prayer, may God have his great hand in all this, and strengthen everyone’s faith through this time. Keep up the updates.

    Love: Andrea Josephs

  6. Leslie Reiter

    Thanks for the update. I have been praying since I heard about the baby yesterday. Brietta has been on my heart constantly. I remember what it’s like to have sick babies and not be able to be with them right away. Please tell her that I am thinking of her and her family.
    I have seen Gods hand move in so many powerful ways and I believe that he will move on behalf of this new beautiful baby girl and her family. I will continue to pray for all of them. We love you all, and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

    I know whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. 2 Timothy 1:2
    Don’t trust your own feelings, trust God to carry you through. He is faithful and gives us Hope.

  7. Lori Ruehle

    So happy to hear the encouraging report…praise God for His faithfulness. We will continue to pray for Brietta, Daniel, and, of course, their precious baby girl.

  8. Sarah

    Hey, I don’t have Brietta’s addy, and I wanted to send her some baby goodies. :) Can you either leave her address on my xanga site or send it to me at saraheblock[at]gmail[dot]com? thanks so much. :)


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