Have you seen this one?

Mmmm. Nice memories.

Have you seen this one?

Last night, when he was safely tucked in under a generous layering of quilts (brrr!), I slipped out to the couch where Ryan was coding [working]. And for the longest time, we just smiled, sighed, and talked about what a blessing our little man is.

We spend entire evenings enjoying his silly games, making him giggle, or just being quiet while he contentedly plays and looks at books. He doesn’t stay in his play corner for long, though. He has to touch base regularly with a pat on our legs, a quick cuddle on a lap, or just scrunching up his little face and making us laugh with him. What a joy he is.

I read her post last night and had to smile: sound just like Jameson! I don’t even know how often or how many times he wakes at night, but the general answer to those questions is frequently and many. Plenty of mornings I’ve wondered if I’m doing something wrong, if I need to do something more, if he’ll ever sleep an entire night in his own bed… A few days ago, I read her article (again!), and was strengthened again to do this mothering thing the way that I feel the Lord calling me. You can’t out-give God — and that’s true for me, right now, in this season of my life when giving to God looks like giving to my family.

Mostly, I just know that this is what the Lord has asked of me, the instincts He put in my heart, and it’s my response to His call to do and give my very best. And so as wonderful as it is for Jameson, as bonding as it is, and as healthy as it is, mostly I find joy in it because it’s obedience and worship to a God I love.

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  1. Carole

    Thanks for the link to another 14 month old who loves night time nursing! Peter is 14 months (is Jameson 13?) and he loves to nurse at night time! ** Big Sigh ** So it’s always good, as you said, to be reminded that this is God’s design and an opportunity to serve. Also it’s good to know I’m not the only one doing this, since most people look at me cross eyed when (if) they find out he nurses several times during the night. :)

  2. diane

    i love your anwer on this one…so many times I was criticized because i was, after all, the MOM,
    and should take charge. but i call it responding to a higher calling, reading the needs expressed
    by my family, and being willing, over and over, to put my wants on hold. not my needs. my needs
    are to be attentive to God’s call. the days(and nights) really do pass too quickly. and the
    rewards are sooooo great. job well done, good and faithful.
    ps. I love the California colors!! colors are my thing now. keep sending them!
    oh, and i love the ducks, too!! just LOVE the ducks. let’s see, geese are a gaggle,
    chickens are a brood,,,,have to think a bit on that one!
    love you..


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