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Just popping in, real quick:

I’m in the LA area, discovering a bit of the southern part of this state. Jameson and I drove down by ourselves on Wednesday. He was a great traveling partner, except for the lack of stimulating political rants I enjoy on a long drive. Oh well. I’ll give him a few more years, I guess.

So, yes. I drove down, picked up Mom and Julia at the airport, and then arrived at Jong and Jiwon’s home. Julia’s here for a guitar competition. We’ve managed to squeeze in Korean meals, shopping, visiting, and a cell group meeting around her schedule. I’m tired, but I’m having fun.

Today is Ryan’s birthday. (Happy birthday, sweetie.) He’s halfway to 70. Impressive, huh? We’ll have a birthday dinner early next week, and Mom and Julia will help us celebrate. Won’t that be fun? You can only imagine how excited I am about having my mom and sister see my new hometown.

That’s all.

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  1. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) I’ve been praying for your sweet mom and sister as they travel. What a joy to be all together on your turf! Have fun and do let us hear a little something of your adventures later on. Happy bday to your sweetie! Love to you, Q

  2. Angela

    Happy Birthday to Ryan? Is he enjoying that birthday present? :) So glad your Mom and Julia can be there for a bit. Have a lovely time. :)

  3. Keila

    Wow! When you put it that way and I consider that I am just a couple years behind him, it makes me feel old!!! At any rate, happy birthday to Ryan, congratulations to Julia and love to you and your mom!


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