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When Louissa writes about autumn evenings at Mom’s house, this is what she means.


When I was a baby, as I’m told, I would hesitate at every little threshold — forget about actual stairs — and take forever to get up the courage to take a step. Jameson, on the other hand, gets a total thrill out of stepping onto this fan he found laying on the ground.

See this hot-shot face? He thinks he’s awesome when he’s up on that fan.


These are for Lore. Okay, and for me, too. They’re shots from a store I happened upon yesterday. I loved a couch in there, and few other things, but mostly, I loved the paint colors. Totally. loved. them.


As we strolled along, what should we happen to see but a wooden duckling, waddling out of a shop, dressed in rain coat, hat, and galoshes.

But wait! Not just one! Look — a whole little family! Who could resist such a brood of ducklings? (Brood? Do ducklings come in broods?)


Jameson loves to give hugs and kisses. His favorite person to kiss is his daddy, and especially when he’s up on Daddy’s shoulders. See?

(Just watch out; those big slobbery kisses can quickly turn into a huge bite out of your cheek!)


This evening we brought Jameson to the playground, where he enjoyed swinging,

eating cedar chips,

and — hey, what’s this?

Oh, right. The new favorite playground activity: watching YouTube:


Jameson has grown in his expressions. Yes, he’s a total ham.

And so I leave you with The Many Faces of Jameson:

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  1. Sue Henry

    Danica,have been following your bloging for about three weeks now. I’am so blessed by your sharing your life and pictures. I can hardly wait for each day to be able to hear what you will share next.I feel as if I’am right there with yous.Some day you should write a book about your life and have a series as your life moves on. Iwould be one of the first ones to buy it.I LOVE THE PICTURES OF JAMESON! I Wish all your wedding pictures were on this sight I only saw the one of you and your Dad-A picture is worth a thousand words!By the way I’am from Grace church in Moira;Paul and Sue Henry.Maybe you can remember us? Love in say hello to Ryan from Paul.

  2. sam

    Jameson is adorable. I sure hope I get to meet him in person some day. :)

    As always, your parent’s house looks so inviting. I love all the candles. Actually I just love candles. I was just telling Norm the other day it is so funny to me how such a little thing, a candle, calms and soothes me like it does.

    Those paint colors are amazing. I like the cabinet of off-white dishes myself. I like the palette, the white/off-white furnishings with the color on the walls. It seems calm to me. I hope we move again soon so I can change paint colors and such again. I think what I have chosen suits this house but I am ready for change.

    So glad you are home safe and sound.

  3. Keila

    I love the pictures! How can you not adore that chubby face and those blue eyes!!! Thanks for the comment the other day, it was encouraging to read! I love you!

  4. Heather

    What a little man he has become! Very cute.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you where you got Jameson’s toggle coat last winter? I’m having a hard time finding snow suits I would actually put on my child. :)


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