warning: hugely photo-heavy update ahead.

This week with my mother in law has been lots and lots of fun. We’ve done fun things every day, but in a very relaxing way. That’s what makes week-long visits the best — there’s time to slow down and enjoy just being together.

A large part of the week’s entertainment was photographing Jameson. Shocked? I’m not. I mean, come on:

(Please note the 21st-century-multi-tasking going on here:)

In San Francisco yesterday — the cutest little pair you’ve ever seen:

We had a nice lunch:

Best of all (according to Jameson) was this treat:

And moving on to today.

First, I donned an apron and got pie crust made and the turkey in the oven (with help from the expert hands of my mother in law. Can you believe I’ve never even watched my mother prep a turkey — at least that I can remember? I mean, I love to learn, but there’s no way I was going to be up at 3:20 AM Thanksgiving morning, or whatever crazy time our 86 lb. turkey had to go in the oven.)

Anyway, those things done, I put Jameson down for a nap and — Ryan and I split! Yes, we went on a little date, just the two of us!

We were so excited, I even decided we needed to photo-document it. Just so we can point back five years from now and say, “Hey, look, we actually went out once!”

See? Don’t we look excited?

And where did we go? Nowhere terribly special, except that it was JUST THE TWO OF US! (Did I already mention that?)

Our loot (is food loot?):


(FYI: Ryan didn’t drink coffee. He doesn’t drink it anymore, you know. Or tea. Or chocolate. Or, wow, anything except water and the occasional steamed milk. Which is what he had.)

We dropped by the playground on the way home, where Ryan found Nana and Jameson playing hard. (I continued on home to finish the pie, keep the turkey moving along, and otherwise make progress on the meal.)

Now. For the food, family, and fun.

Yes, we ate quite well. I actually couldn’t believe how quickly everything came together. I’ll tell you what, chopping sweet potatoes for three is a whole different thing than chopping sweet potatoes for the 67 people in my family. (Okay, okay, 67 is sort of over the top…) The strangest (and saddest) thing was making ONE PIE. One. That was it.


But it was a good pie, at least.

After dinner was done, we watched Amazing Grace, which we enjoyed, and then played more Pass the Pigs — all with candles lit and popcorn popped and second servings of pie. My mother in law won. Soundly.

And thus concludes a week of visiting and day of thankfulness.

Thanks for reading.

[And for those who just can’t get enough of these pictures, there are more!]

8 Comments warning: hugely photo-heavy update ahead.

  1. louissa

    oh d — you’re own little dinner looks so very nice. but do i expect anything less from our danica? really, you’re amazing.

    we missed you guys lots and are so looking forward to christmas with the dunphey family!

    and i love the photo of ry-guy and jameson walking in san francisco. such a good shot!

  2. brietta

    Thanksgiving tables are always so beautiful– especially yours!

    How did Ry do with carving the turkey? Originally we were going to be on our own for Thanksgiving and I was a bit worried about that part, since Daniel’s never done it before!

  3. jean (nana nene)

    my pictures arrived in the mail today. so beautiful, like living it all over. i ordered my others today with my bday gift and got a couple of doubles so i can send them to you. Again, thanks for a wonderful time

  4. Angela

    i’ve always wanted to go on a double decker carousel. jameson has good taste. i think it would’ve been my fave part too. sounds like you had a fantastic time. terrific picture of ryan and jameson-Kodak moment/hallmark card perfect. wonderful. simply wonderful.


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