christmas time is here!

Yesterday was the start of our Christmas celebration. Angels, stars, candles and garlands.

Jameson’s favorite is this snowman.

Wanna give him a kiss?

2 Comments christmas time is here!

  1. louissa

    my mind has been consumed by how cute and adorable your child is. i loved every minute of “talking” with him last night (everyone kept saying, “wow, louissa! you really got into your interactions with jameson last night!” i guess the photo that ryan sent everyone proves that correct…). er, i mean, seeing you and ryan was pretty cool too, but hearing him jabber was by far the highlight (sorry. somehow hearing you and ryan talk isn’t quite as big a deal!).

    all this to say: jameson is the cutest, we talk about you guys all the time, and we’re counting down the days till we see you.

  2. Eric T

    Such cute Thanksgiving and Christmas – prep pictures!!! Jameson is getting so big. So is Eleora! We miss you so much, but pray we get to see you soon!


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