dinner for two

This is the first dinner we’ve shared, just the two of us. At least, it’s the first that we’ve both sat at the table for.

Ryan is working late, and so it’s just us.

I was tempted to just eat crackers and apples and popcorn and whatever else I happened to grab. But no, I knew we should sit and have dinner.

So here I am, having one of those moments when I feel like a Real Mom.

I lit a candle — little man’s favorite thing — and set it on the table. I set our places: eggs and toast on my plate, cheez-its in a little bowl at his place. We sat down and prayed; he held my hand, like he knows to do. Since there is no conversation, we fill the silence with “Mmmm!” after every bite.

He wants to slam his bowl on the table, but I ask him not to. We’re having a candlelit dinner, after all. Certain decorum is in order.

Nat King Cole is crooning in the background, and paper snowflakes fall in our window.

And I remember a hundred dinners, just us and Mom, with plastic cups set properly, napkins folded and tucked under our forks, eating our fruit slices and sandwiches as though it were King’s fare. What wonderful memories.

I’m so glad I decided to do dinner the right way tonight. Hopefully it’s the making of a wonderful memory for someone else.

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  1. carina

    D — I always wondered why she required a well-set table – even for cheese and crackers or when the napkins were set in leu of plates. but, now that I am older there are so many times I realize how that helped me and has impacted my concept of setting a table for a family. its so much deeper than which side the fork goes on – and yet, thats where is starts for little people.

    Go, D!

  2. diane

    Oh yes, I can relate to that one…you had a good mom, like I did. Once when my friend and I were
    packing up all the makings for a hot dog cook-out with the kids where the Daddies were working,
    she said “why are we going to all this work?”. I knew – “for a memory !!”, of course. So
    important! For us as well as them. Otherwise we might forget so many wonderful moments of their
    childhood. Hey, I have a professional question – can I still email you?


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