my little guy.

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  1. Danica

    Cold? Yeah, it gets cold. I definitely wish I had gloves, because my fingers are stiff with cold when I take a walk. And in the morning, my feet are so cold, the hot water from the shower just stings.

    It’s like that time in October when you refuse to turn the heat on (because you know in your head that it’s not really that cold, compared to what it will be in January) and so you walk around with no feeling in your toes and and icy cold nose.


  2. nana nene

    And yet another reason why I think I will plan my visit in late April. I will just have to have you show me updates of William at skype til that time and pretend I can hold him. It was that cold when I was there the last time, I know I wanted to put plastic over your windows. love to all


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