for now.

Posting while visiting is difficult for me. Maybe it’s because I require a bit of solitude in order for thought processes to fully develop. Maybe it’s because I’m totally absorbed with parties and cookies and busyness and don’t spend much time in thought. Maybe it’s because there are dozens of people using my laptop all day long.

Or maybe it’s because taking even 10 minutes away from this dearest family of mine is just not an option.

Next week I’ll be far away in sunny California. I’ll be by myself. There will be plenty of time for sitting and thinking and posting.

But for now, all 60 minutes of every 24 hours will be spent laughing and talking and cooking and cleaning and living with this dearest family.

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  1. Katie

    Enjoy your time visiting! I peak back every once in a while to see if you have something new and thought provoking to get my mind off being overdue ;-)

    P.S. Giovanna was extremely happy to have been given permission to peak at Shiloh’s gift, she could hardly stand it.. hehehe.

  2. LisaC.

    I am laughing my head off at your comment to the right…
    “even if before last night I didn’t know there was a Heisman Trophy.”
    Danica, did we grow up in different worlds or what? Every year (beginning in about third grade) I raced home from school that important day in early December to ask my dad “who won it this year”.
    Of course I never heard of the french horn until I was in college.
    P.S. I’m not bragging about that, by the way.
    Wish I had seen you and your little buddy while you were here!

  3. Carole

    Happy New Year!
    I just browsed through your family photos – lovely Christmas celebrations! How many sisters do you have? I know there are 9 of you all together – how many girls and how many boys?


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