two thousand and eight.

We’re back home in California. We woke up Tuesday morning to quite the snowstorm — and quite the nasty drive to the Ottawa airport. 3,000 miles later, we’ve left the snow far, far behind. Yesterday afternoon I drifted to sleep while listening to the whir of the neighbor’s weed whacker.

Yes, I said weed whacker. Because not only is there no snow here, the grass is still growing. In fact, as I inspected our little garden, I discovered buds. Wow.


Somewhere in the tasks of laundry and packing, and the hassle of flying (because of course it was a hassle…), an old year ended and new one began. New years have always been a favorite opportunity to reevaluate, re-prioritize, and reorganize my life. This year I’ll confess: I’m lacking the motivation and inspiration. Starting a new year here, having just landed from a wonderful trip back home, is a bit anticlimactic. And I’m feeling more than a bit homesick.

So I find myself in a different place than most years. Instead of enthusiastically scribbling lists of goals, tackling closets of chaos, and overhauling my daily routines, I am lifting my eyes and asking to be renewed. Refreshed. Revived.

I am remembering that He has called me — called me to great things, yes, but also called me to Himself. I am also remembering that more than once I’ve said, “Lord, I will follow You anywhere — only let Your presence go with me.” And I’m remembering that California counts as an “anywhere,” and that His presence is with me.

I still hope to get to all of that usual January stuff. But for now, on this rainy afternoon, as my sweet little man plays at my feet, I’ll be content to let Him satisfy me.

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  1. Andrea

    Don’t feel bad. I never make lists just because its a new year, or clean out a chaotic closet for that same reason. I do however do so when I am pregnant, so I have been decently productive this time around. Like today I started doing things later in the day, because I was lazy. I did the dishes, and then started to organize “Hayla’s room.” I moved boxes from the closet to under Hayla’s bed, and put her dresser inside of the closet. We have a very small house with small rooms. So now that a second child is on its way, within a month or two, I have to get to the one other room we have to make room for that child. Hopefully that child will be staying in that room more than Hayla has so far. She only takes naps in there, every so often, and that is when we lay her in there after falling asleep elsewhere first. So I hope you find things to add to a list of things that you WILL finish. Your family is crazy like that, always getting EVERYTHING done. So if you don’t write it down I don’t think it will kill you or stop you from becoming busy. I think you were having a lazy day is all. I had that this morning and then I just did stuff, and I got busy. So you will be fine! Have a great evening.


  2. darlenesinclair

    I must admit that New Year’s was a bit anticlimatic for me as well. Not that that is altogether unusual. But eventually I do get ambitious. Maybe that will come along soon. But for now, one foot in front of the other, one pile cleared, another load of laundry washed. I will get a fresh vision in time, because He is Lord! I am so thankful that the making of my life is in His hands, not mine.
    I miss you here, too.
    Happy green. I’m enjoying the happy white. If it turns brown this weekend, as predicted, I won’t consider that quite as happy. ;)

  3. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) What a precious post -thanks for sharing your heart so openly. This line touched and blessed me tonight:

    “…I am lifting my eyes and asking to be renewed. Refreshed. Revived.”

    It will be a joy to pray for you with that in mind. May this be a most blessed year in your life! Love, Q

  4. diane

    I have been thinking of you so much, with so total immersion to max out this season. You’ve had the picture perfect scenery, and such a wonderful family, even the baby to round out the time! Now it’s back to CA. May this long drink from the well of love and beauty last you a long time. He will surely meet you with refreshment! The season of Coming has ended.
    But the seeking goes on…. Lots of love, D.

  5. Timothy Foote

    Must be nice to have things growing. Take heart in that fact. The only thing growing in Chicago is the number of cars breaking down on Lake Shore Drive due to a sub zero wind-chill.

    Time for some hot chocolate.

  6. brietta

    I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it’s a new year. Between missing church on Sunday (what other tradition do I really have for marking a new year anyway?!) and then having the new year come while in the PICU, I feel very confused.

    And tired. So tired.

    It isn’t surprising that our Christmas decorations are still up, but it is kind of weird that I just don’t care. And that I have absolutely no plans or ambitions for caring any time soon!

    No resolutions here either. Just prayers for energy that I just don’t feel I have.

    Maybe it’s just the year for realizing we don’t have what it takes in ourselves, huh?

  7. Connie LaFaver

    Danica, Ryan and Jameson,

    It was really nice to see you all here while you were here. Wow, a weed wacker, huh!!!
    I know how difficult it can be to not be where what we all know as home, but all the times I was not here, I use to ask the Lord to let me bloom where I was planted and to please help me to be content where I was. Change like this is difficult and sometimes very difficult. It is really hard, especially at the Holiday Season… I once lived in South Carolina during the Holiday Season and it was so hard, not having all the things we are use to and the family and friends that we are use to doing things with it all plays a very important part of it. I know your heart and it is a good one, God will help you put all these things in place for you. Having your sister and her baby going through the things she is going through, I know you want to be there for her too. These are challenging days for you I am sure. But you know that God is there to be found for you and just what you need and when you need it. He is there for you, loving you and caring for each one of your heart felt emotions and concerns. Danica, you are a sweet girl and I miss you and your family and what a handsome little man you have, what a nice family… Be ever so Blessed!!!!!!!!! You guys are missed, very much…


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