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Jameson and I enjoyed our little breakfast routine, which includes him emptying my kitchen cupboards while I read, pray, and journal. Then, just as I was formulating a great post full of inspirational thoughts, our power went out. Guess this area can’t quite cope with pouring rain and a bit of wind. As long as my house is built to survive earthquakes, I won’t complain.

I quickly started coming up with rainy-day-and-no-electricity plans: go to the library, make the Christmas returns, go to Ikea for fun because it takes so long just to walk through, etc. Well, the library was a success. The other plans, not so much: power was out in all of the stores, too.

Just when I thought I was going to freeze to death, go blind from trying to read in the rainy gloom, and be sick from filling up on candy because I didn’t want to open the refridgerator, the power came back on. Yay!

Ironically, the passage I had just read as the light flickered off this morning was Psalm 27: “The Lord is my light and my salvation.”

The Lord is my light.

If the Lord is my light, I pondered, then I know I’ll never be in the dark. He is forever the same, His presence surrounds me, and He is the light of my life.

And then the lights went out. Must be God thought it was a good day for object lessons.

[edit: I guess it’s not just a little bit of wind and rain. I’ll cut the electric company a little slack. I guess.]

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  1. Michele

    God bless you in sunny, rainy and especially earthquak-ey Ca. Earthquakes are scarier than ice storms in my book!!!
    Michele (catzndogz9)


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