…has begun to “read” to himself. He loves to plop down with the first book (or folded piece of paper!) he finds, open it, and babble in his book-reading voice. The fact that he uses this voice only when he reads makes me wonder if I have a book voice. Weird!

…decided that perfecting his walking abilities was taking too long, and has just moved ahead to running. He seems to have a level of grace and coordination similar to that of his cousin Bronwyn’s — although he has yet to trip while standing still, a feat she regularly astounds us with. Hearing his little uneven footsteps running through the house to come find me brings a smile to my face. I love it.

…has discovered sound effects. Ryan and I had a blast watching him push his little blue pickup truck around the living room while mimicking the sound of an engine. A boy’s innate ability to mimic cars, semi-automatic weapons, and bodily functions always astounds me.

…knocks on closed doors. I honestly wonder where he even learned this, since I obviously don’t go around knocking on our doors. It cracks me up.

…gives me tight squeezes and pats my back when he’s sad. I love it!

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  1. Connie LaFaver

    hold onto those ever so special little things that someday you
    will look back on and remember with and smile about..

    miss you


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