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I’m writing this post in the hopes that not all of my audience is in the same predicament I find myself in (getting old and out of touch):

So, Ryan bought me the nano for Christmas. Up until this amazing present, I had kind of just given up listening to music, because I didn’t have a good set up, wasn’t allowed to buy CDs (how archaic), etc. Anyways, I now find myself totally out of the loop. I’m fighting the urge to just buy all of my old favorites (how on earth is it that I don’t own those??), and instead, get up to speed.

Just to show how not up to speed I am: I still think that Imogen Heap is, like, totally new.

So help me out here. What albums/artists are you loving? Have any worship albums come out that I absolutely need to hear? Where do I start?

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  1. Paige

    I only actually own a handful of Christian artists’ music, but here goes: Can’t live without Sara Groves (her latest is AWESOME!), Derek Webb (controversial, but very right-now-no-bull-love-like-Jesus-would-let’s-stop-playing-church. I’d start with “Mockingbird”), and worship music by Brian Doerksen (just go visit his site & read his thoughts, then go buy his stuff – he’s the real deal). As far as being “cutting edge,” well, I’m way far off that path, my friend, but these are true & tried, Bible-studying worshipers. You may already have these, but they are certainly worth typing it all out just in case. ;) Hope you’re all well ~ Love, Paige

  2. Carina

    regina spektor was recommended by a mr. mark ovaska.
    corinne bailey rae may be of interest – nice voice.
    sting IS a great suggestion – how can you go wrong?
    also, I really enjoy julia marie, but unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten a lot recorded. :)
    louissa and julia both got new albums for christmas. they might have more suggestions.

  3. Jacqui

    GASP! If you are out of touch then there’s little hope for me!!! I always admired your ability to keep worship music “fresh” at CFC.

    I’ve been listening to Shawn McDonald and Bebo Norman … not new though. Try type in an artist you like and it will stream similar artists … maybe you’ll find some new stuff that way.

  4. Julia

    i’m ashamed to say that i’m somewhat out of touch.

    here’s what i’m considering new and keepers:
    Corrine Bailey Rae (previously suggested by Carina)
    John Mayer – Continuum (he makes blues sound cutting edge!)
    Keane – Hopes and Fears has a few of my favorites. But I’ve been finding good Keane songs everywhere!!!
    Dr. Rubio really likes Regina Spektor. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen all that much.
    I assume you’re familiar with Duncan Sheik’s, White Limousine.

    2 Albums I got for Christmas – Feist (with the 1234 song), and KT Tunstall.

    btw: imogenheap is working on the material for her next album! i can’t wait!

  5. Julia

    When I wrote “I’m considering new”, you must take that very literally – because I only recommended one album that’s copywrite 2007 to you!

  6. Katie

    Jake loves Phil Wickham’s 2007 album “Cannons”. In fact, Nora likes him! She calls him “Phwickham” hehe..

    I also like Corinne Bailey Rae a lot. I like Paramore’s song “Hallelujah” – Jake has that downloaded on our laptop… but I have no idea if I like anything else by them :-D

    I am also out of touch. It comes with being busy with little people ;-)

  7. Billy Rieder

    Hey Danica!

    Relient K is one of my more recent favorite bands. A bit on the hard rock side, but anointed lyrics coupled with several very funny songs. My family’s current favorite, “Sadie Hawkins Dance”.

    I also really enjoy Josh Turner, a country cross-over star. Warning – he’s really country though.

  8. Quinne

    Hi Danica :)
    I’m glad you posted about this! I needed some music tips, too.

    I just tagged you for a game… Visit my blog for the details. Love, Q

  9. diane

    alright,wow, way to go! I’m taking notes furiously! with list in hand, I’ll do some surfin’. let us know what’s hot in CA. I was wondering how the church search was going…. and p.s., I made the Tuscan soup. Yummmmm. nutrition note – I drained off the bean water and rinsed it away.
    i always do. a gardener who grows and sells dried beans here says to always toss the cooking water with beans. i’m not positive on this rationale, but it has something to do with the enzyme that keeps the beans dormant, doing just that to cell growth. anyhow, a nice chicken broth added a clear, sweet flavor to a totally yummy soup. and I can see why you keep a fresh rosemary tree on your windowsill for whole twigs. rosemary “needles” are hard to remove from your bowl!

  10. LisaCriscitello

    I can’t say that I have EVER heard of any of these artists. OK, well Eric would agree with Brietta- “Get STING”, but I’m not kidding- I must be soooooo cluless!
    We totally jam every night after dinner. Eric has our laptop bluetoothed through the ceiling speakers and they sound great! The variety of music that we play just cracks EVERYONE UP. Here is one of the playlists:
    Grace Like Rain- Todd Agnew
    Souled Out- LeCrae
    Hey Now- Grits with Toby Mac
    Turn Up the Music- Point of Grace
    Blessed be Your Name- Matt Redman
    ABC- Jackson 5
    Down by the River- T-Bone
    We Didn’t Start the Fire- Billy Joel
    Nah Nah- Pettidee
    We Roc the Mic- KJ52

    So, as you see, we have no clue. BUT, we have fun and we dance until we can’t dance anymore. I’m glad no one sees us. P.S. It is totally impossible to listen to the nano without singing. I dare you to try!

  11. LisaCriscitello

    Oh, yeah- I have a tendency to like Skillet and TFC, and bands like that. So, again- I’m absolutely no help.

  12. Stephanie Stone

    Misty Edwards’ “Eternity” CD is incredible. She is the worship leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I have that CD and another CD of hers, but I forget the name of it.

  13. LisaC.

    I have also heard great things about Misty Edwards.
    But on a different note… My husband was laughing his head off at me since apparently it’s TFK and not TFC- see how lost I am?
    It is hysterical!

  14. Michele L.

    This has been so much fun, reading all these great ideas! I have to add to them.
    Brian and Jen Johnson are wonderful. They are worship leaders at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. By the way, Bill Johnson is Brian’s dad and his books and messages are life altering.

    I also notice no-one has mentioned Casting Crowns, and I love their newer cd. I am pretty sure it is called Altar and the Door. If not, that is one of the songs on it. Great stuff!

  15. nancy

    -Shostakovitch symphonies.
    -anything conducted by Bernstein.
    -the Bach unaccompanied violin Sonatas, Hillary Hahn.
    -and one of my all-time faves: Appalachia Waltz w/ Yo Yo Ma and friends.

    this, from your way-outside-the-box musician friend who hardly ever listens to music.

  16. Lore

    spinning (or gently gliding my finger across the ipod round) recently:

    jill phillips
    micah dalton
    frou frou (or imogen heap–whichever you were first introduced to her loveliness as)
    kt tunstall
    over the rhine
    tim hughes

    and, as always, not new, but never old: enter the worship circle and waterdeep.

    sorry i didn’t answer the phone the other night. it’s not because i don’t love you exceedingly–it’s because i fell asleep immediately. today, though, your phone should have arrived and i will call you. or you may call me. in the daytime!

  17. Delilab

    The very core of your writing whilst appearing agreeable in the beginning, did not really settle perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace within the paragraphs you actually managed to make me a believer but only for a short while. I nevertheless have a problem with your jumps in logic and you would do well to fill in those breaks. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I will certainly end up being amazed.


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