Thank you so much for all of the feedback — and keep it coming! I have a feeling that we’re all taking notes and are getting good ideas.

Of course, it’s going to take me forever to actually buy something. From the way I agonize over such things, you’d think I was spending my last dollar, and that this was my last album purchase for the rest of forever. Goodness.

While I continue to enjoy researching and finding new [to me] music, I’m starting the morning out right:

Andras Schiff playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Now that is good music.


Jameson has begun telling jokes. He will jabber away, with all of these funny intonations, come to an end (I can tell by the cadence, not because I understand a single syllable), and burst out laughing — and by his conspiratorial look, I can tell he wants me to laugh, too.

It’s pretty funny. And needless to say, we do a lot of laughing these days!


Our magnolia tree is full of great big buds, ready to burst.

Isn’t it mid-January? Shouldn’t I be getting a break from weeding the garden?

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  1. diane

    next time you feel like taking a poll, try this one for me:
    what does this generation call their mother-in-law?
    “Mom” is what first comes to mind for me – when I first got married, I was
    more than happy to add a second to the precious figure head in my life.
    And she has as easily been a mom to me till the end. But now that I have
    a daughter-in-law, she seems kind of “HUH??” with the idea.
    I think I always shop as if it’s my last dollar. that’s not an all bad policy.
    don’t little boys just make you laugh and laugh and laugh!! big boys, too! such fun days!! love to you!

  2. Katie

    To your friend above, my in-laws asked to be called Mom and Dad when we got married. I was sort of surprised by it, too, but went along with it. I still think it’s weird to this day – but Jacob is totally comfortable with calling my parents mom and dad and doesn’t understand me :-) I never heard my parents refer to their in-laws by anything other than first names… but I guess that’s what they wanted to be called.
    When Isaac started that joke telling phase he would babble away, but his favorite punch line would be to throw in at the end the word “Chickens!!!!” And he’d laugh like he his sides were going burst ;-D We still don’t know why “chickens” were so funny.
    I forgot to mention before, one of my favorite artists to listen to, especially to unwind while I make dinner, is Andrea Bocelli.
    I love the “sweet” and “savory” idea. So clever!


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