seven random things [about me]

Okay. Here we go (and I apologize if none of these are a surprise to you. I probably don’t have that many secrets):

1. After compulsively eating ice cubes for 11 years, the urgent need to do so suddenly and without warning vanished when Jameson was born.

2. On that note, I’ve never had a cavity.

3. I bite my fingernails and clip my toenails constantly. I don’t like any of the white part to show.

4. If I could live anywhere in the whole wide world, it would be on a solitary stretch of New England seashore. Actually, make that a farm in Kentucky with rolling green hills and huge sprawling oak trees and miles of white fence. Or, hmm, I might like to try a Manhattan brownstone, just a short walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And that’s only on this continent. (Maybe I don’t really know where I’d live if I had my druthers.)

5. The author I’ve read the most of: hands down, Carolyn Keene. (Of course, I don’t think such a person ever existed, but you get the idea.)

6. I’m a craft blog junkie.

7. I never did decide what I wanted to be when I grew up — but I have a feeling God wasn’t too thrown off by that. I think He’d already made up His mind, anyway.


Here are the rules for the game:
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I am tagging Jackie, Heather, Carina, Liana, Camilla, Sarah, and Michelle.

8 Comments seven random things [about me]

  1. darlene

    Those were all fun! Thanks! But I have one thought – I think you overlooked the rules! I’m wondering if that was you being a bit *ahem* scattered, or were you having a rebellious moment? ;)

  2. sarah o.

    Did you know that chewing ice can be a sign of iron deficiency? Maybe since becoming a mom your iron levels are higher? That is a pretty random thing! To want to chew ice and then suddenly to not…

  3. brietta

    OK, no fair: your ice chewing stopped when you had Jameson, while mine only started upon having children! (Fortunately, though, mine disappears within a week or two of delivering each baby…)

  4. susan

    Hooray for Carolyn Keene! I remember you borrowing some of mine to read. Good memories for me, too. Did you know the original writer died in 2002? She was 96. I have a couple of articles about her.
    Mrs. B


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