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Okay here’s the deal: You all know Danica’s super-creative and loves to sew. She’s made a lot of things for people, and I’ve been encouraging her to make them in bulk so we can sell them.

Well they’ve arrived.

So here’s the deal. I’m posting this because Danica loathes the thought of selling bags. (Apparently her mother commanded her years ago to charge money for piano lessons, because she couldn’t bring herself to do it herself—there’s a trend somewhere there, and at some point she’s gonna have to get over it. Anyway, I digress…) So I told her, “Babe, make a bunch of bags, and I’ll ask around what they’re worth, set the price, and that’s that.”

So that’s how it works. It makes it easier for her, and it makes me a rich man! Muahahahahahah!

Well, not that rich. Because after all the time she spends on these things, and the money on fabric, supplies, books, etc…I’ve learned you don’t sew because there’s money in it.

So “I’m” charging $25. a bag for these smaller ones with a $4. s/h fee.

Now that’s a good deal!

Contact her with shipping info and she’ll let you know where to send a check. (First come first serve, and she’ll update this post as they sell—sorry in advance for a ghetto ecommerce system, but all my so-called “us time” is spent coding her other project!!!)

K. I asked her for a description:

“Here are six little handbags I designed and made. They’re made of new and re-purposed cotton fabrics and vintage trims, and top-stitched in contrasting thread. I lined them for a bit of stand-alone stability. Bags measure approximately 9″ wide at bottom, 6″ at top, and the handle hangs about 7″. All with small interior pocket, trimmed with coordinating fabric.”

To fame and fortune!


They’re all gone! Thanks so much — and I’ll post more as they get imagined and created!

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  1. sam

    Before you know it you’ll have your very own Etsy shop and everyone will be checking out your craft turorials. :)

    A great home business indeed. My dad has been especially encouraging that I should just sew and make crafts and such. His wife is a big craft show person and he is always amazed at how much $$ gets spent – by everyone at those things. Keep up the good work.

    I need to go check out the pictures now…

  2. Michelle Perez

    D, they sold out before I could get one. As soon as you have more let me know. Marissa really loved them……

  3. Katie

    How did I miss out on it so fast???! $25 is a steal. D – you need an online boutique.

    Ryan – WAY TO GO! Sometimes we need the push :-)

    Then of course there’s those of us who once we’ve been pushed are all to happy to jump with both feet forwards… oops :-D It’s OK I’m finding my niche ;-) To help give you some perspective on prices, check out : Kimberlee Faith

  4. brietta

    I came here earlier this evening to show Daniel the bags and tell him that this is the sort of thing that would make a great Mother’s Day or birthday gift, only to see that they were already gone! Wow– I mean, I knew they would go fast, but holy cow!!! Yay for you, D (and good job, Ry).

    So when are you making more???? :)

  5. Natalie

    Your bags are beautiful. As with others, they sold out before I too could get one. Please let me know when you have more made. I would love to have one.


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