march 3rd

:: It’s March 3rd, and momandus is live. Bookmark it, subscribe to it, do whatever you do to keep track of your favorite blogs, because I truly hope this will become one of them. Last night, as Ryan and I were trying to get it all ready to go, I looked at that long row of pictures — my mom and my beautiful sisters — and I couldn’t help but smile. What totally awesome girls, I thought. I can’t wait to hear what they all have to share about loving the Lord as disciples who are women. (Because our devotion to Christ should inform everything about our womanhood, you know.)

:: It’s March 3rd. Natives here on the Peninsula have confirmed my hunch that quite probably the winter has passed, and the warm, golden sunshine is probably here to stay. Daffodils wave their sunny faces all along the freeway, dotting rolling hills with spring’s yellow. Apple trees have burst into all of their lacy beauty (is there anything more breathtaking than an apple tree in bloom?) And the vine — oh, that out of control vine — that covers the awning over my kitchen window is covered with tight pink buds, a few of which have finally opened. And ohmygoodness, they are the most intoxicating flowers I’ve ever smelled. Now I know why that out-of-control vine is there.

:: It’s March 3rd, though, and I’m afraid I have lost all concept of time. No, I really mean it. It’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to feel very, very disoriented. I can’t believe how tied to seasonal patters my internal sense of time was. And now, with this sunshine-and-flowers weather, well, I’m confused.

:: I love spending time with my little family. It’s been a busy few weeks for Ryan, but we got to spend several hours together this weekend, walking in the sunshine, watching Jameson run and play. Those are special gifts, those hours. They’re my favorite thing.

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  1. Angela

    ahhh. one of my most fave things about the west coast is that the winters are so much shorter and the nicer seasons last som much longer. i knew you must’ve been pregnant again!!! so you just
    found out? how far are you and when is this bundle of joy expected? so exciting!
    A big congratulations to you! We also are expecting. Sept. woo woo!!!


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