Guess the Due Date!

There’s a new game in town, it’s called “Guess the Due Date”—it’s all the rage. What’s your guess?

(We’ll update you with the “official” date after the ultrasound!)

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  1. Angela

    I believe there are three types of women: (1) those who suspect pregnancy three days before their expected period; (2) those who suspect pregnancy three days after they miss their period; (3) those who suspect pregnancy after the third trimester when they already look three months pregnant- I guess EDD September 12th. Either that or you’re like me- you pop out about three minutes after the positive pregnancy test! LOL!

  2. Ryan

    @Angela: Danica literally has know idea how far along she is.

    @Diane: We wish (well I do anyway), but I think she’s

    @Danica: Sorry babe for posting this photo without your consent ;)

  3. diane

    Yep, this one looks like it’s been in the bun warmer for a little while!
    Ummm, my guess is Aug. 19. And I’m also thinking you’ll start feeling the thrill of it all and less the yuck of it all now. You are beautiful!

  4. brietta

    Hey, Ry– maybe on your birthday?!?! :)

    (You should post the 14w picture from with Jameson so people have a frame of reference before guessing. I think I have an unfair advantage currently. :)

  5. Rebecca Willy

    Oh— I was just about to write, Ry’s birthday too (not to copy Brietta’s post above)– October 20th! Based on your sickness, I would guess you to be into 8-9 weeks by now. To be fair to the game, I will say October 22. Best Wishes!

  6. sam

    Well by the looks of that belly we can safely say it won’t be on my birthday, November 22nd. So let’s go with October 11th.

  7. Katie

    I was also going to guess about 8 weeks based on the first trimester yuckies just starting to kick in. What a cute pregnant woman you are, Danica!!! My pregnancy with Shiloh was the first one that I diligently took pictures throughout the whole thing. I’ll have to show you sometime :-)

  8. Sarah Dunph

    Since this is #2, I don’t think it’s twins, but just that she’s showing sooner. Auntie Sarah’s prediction…she’s 10 weeks and therefore, her due date is 10/18/08…and I think it’s a girl – while we’re guessing! 18th babies rock! And twins would be so cool!

  9. Angela

    What I meant was that I’m always so surprised when someone doesn’t realize they’re pregnant for a while. I’m just different I guess. I’ve always known by 5wks along. I can’t imagine pooching out like that and having just found out. But then again, I’m a tubby tummy and wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

    Definitely a very CUTE preggy tummy!

  10. LisaC.

    My older three kids are thinking that I really am defective in some way.
    They really, really wanted twins again and well, I didn’t deliver. So I’ve lost my touch- WoW. Like I need this added pressure!
    Danica, since I never remember seeing you pregnant for Jameson, but did see the photo posted above, I will guess September 20th.
    Fall really is my favorite season!
    P.S. We’re having a girl…due July 9th!

  11. sarah o.

    I guess you are about 10 weeks along… and I am too lazy to figure out when your due date is from here.

    When will you let us know? I am wondering and wondering!

    My daughter is trying to microwave something. Hmm. I better go!

  12. diane

    okay, I get a second chance. I was realizing my first guess was waaayyy off! But I didn’t think I showed THAT much early on! Putting all the yuckies into the picture, I will guess Oct. 2. Just can’t be any later than that! What a fun contest!


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