follow-up thoughts.

All of your encouraging comments reminded me of something I pondered yesterday — which was not a great day, in case you weren’t clear on that. :)

I’m often thinking about how no one can “do it all,” and that the wonderful thing about being a Christian is the grace to know which things are most important, and to be able to let go of the rest.

And I think the hard part of early pregnancy, at least for me, is that all you feel is yuck. You don’t feel pregnant, you don’t feel excited, you don’t feel like your body is working hard all day to nurture and help create a new person. You just feel like something is wrong. And so I end up frustrated that I suddenly can’t “do it all,” or at least the “all” that I usually accomplish.

But the truth that I need to keep meditating on (and that my husband is so quick to lovingly remind me of) is that I have taken on a great new endeavor — that of being pregnant — and that must necessarily mean letting go of other endeavors. If I can just remember that, I won’t feel so behind. I’ll just feel productive in other areas.

What a great lesson of trust and flexibility life is. That, and being content in my humanity.

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  1. Heather

    If I had an inkling of the talent you have, I probably would. :)

    Also, I’m gleaning all I can from these posts of yours. Since, I’ve found myself considering the second pregnancy thing and just how that might playout. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. LisaC.

    One of my fondest memories EVER was earlier this pregnancy when Eric said, “Thank you for sacrificing for this baby and well, for all of us.” I guess I had never really even thought of it as a sacrifice. Even through the NON-STOP VOMITING and fatigue, I always knew (and focused on) what a blessing I would be getting in the end. But when he said that (and he had probably said it during other pregnancies as well) it made me realize that others were recieving the blessing as well. And my children don’t realize any sacrifice on their part, either- because if mom is still over the toilet at 4:30, Dad brings home Sergis. What kind of torture is that? And if mom is STILL over the toilet at 7pm, well then they get to watch a family movie…LOOKOUT! How they suffer for the new little one! Oh, Danica, thank you for always being a cheerful example of what God desires us women to be. You are an encouragement to all who read! Praying for you, especially since I am now “out of the dark”, I can focus more on others and not my own drama! ha

  3. Melissa Lange

    First of all, Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty about how you feel. During the first three months of my pregnancy, I felt nasty all over. Emotionally and physically. I didn’t talk about it much because I thought I was the only one! I thought there was something wrong with me for not feeling pregnant or excited. But now I know that that season does pass and the excitment and energy does come back. Thank you for being such a godly example of wife and motherhood. You are a blessing to many.

  4. Katie

    Oh dear Danica, I heartily sympathize with you! :-) Do you get Above Rubies? If so, did you get issue 73? If so, read page 12 “What’s the Rush?” If you don’t get Above Rubies, sign up and request the most recent issue and read page 12 :-D

    In this season, I believe your main ministry is to teach Jameson to just love being at home with Mama – and the rest can wait.

    I pray that you will be blessed in this season of your pregnancy!! There will be more dust to dust off the piano later ;-)

  5. Sarah Diederich

    Hi Danica!!!

    I am so happy about the Lord’s expansion of your mothering ministry!
    What an amazing thing, having babies!!! (totally understated)

    I very often wrestle with thoughts and feelings similar to yours; about letting things go and learning to be okay with it all.
    Recently someone at church said, “When I had little kids, if I could just get through 5-fingers, a little school, and dinner, that was a good day!”
    When I heard this I thought, “Maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself and perhaps I need to let go of things that don’t get done.”
    These are things that I’m currently working through.

    The Lord is ever so gracious with us and our not-so-tidy homes during these seasons. It seems as though Ryan is too (great guy!!!).

    I find myself repeating the statement: “It’s not the home that matters most, it’s the people in it that are truly important.”
    As you can imagine, with four small children and Ronny in his last semester, much of my intended daily housework goes unfinished as I make myself available to my kids and to Ronny as he tackles many, MANY things.
    Isn’t it great that the Lord knows the meditation of our hearts and sees that we want to clean our floors, but are committed to more important matters presently?

    Along the lines of no-sugar: I did a mostly-no-sugar eating plan while pregnant with Zoe and gained very little weight. I still eat this way, and would suggest raisins, mixed nuts, and fresh fruit when those sugar cravings occur. Aren’t you glad spring is coming? :)

    Love you much,
    Sarah Diederich


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