Our Easter Boy

9 Comments Our Easter Boy

  1. darlenesinclair

    Such a big boy! Wow! He’s going to be the oldest, the first, and soon big brother. Amaazing!

    Your day looked wonderful, but we sure missed you here. Glad to see such a sweet celebration of our Lord!

  2. diane

    Omigosh, that is soooo cute! Look at that big boy smirk, the hands, the bed head! btw, could you please send along the recipe for the breakfast bread!? Sure you don’t want to be a chef?

  3. nana nene

    wow, he looks perfect. i am headed to work with a big smile on my face, i love living in a time when i can start my day be seeing my grandchild any time i want. Danica you sure know how to give my son a birthday to remember. love to all.


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