:: It’s the day after Easter, my first Easter away easterfrom home. It was also our first Easter all together (last year Ryan was here on business, and Jameson and I were back in Madrid.) I had fun setting our breakfast table the night before, Ryan loved setting Jameson’s basket where he’d be sure to find it, and Jameson loved finding it — and taking a bite out of every candy! Our morning celebration before church was definitely the highlight. I love my little family.

:: Easter Sunday is such a high point of the year. What a wonderful opportunity to focus on the simple yet profound gift of salvation, and the truth of redemption. And how awesome to share that meditation with believers. Yes, a favorite Sunday, for sure.

:: I’ve chipped away and made some headway on all of the chores that await me by the end of a weekend. Chipping is slow these days, but that’s okay. In between mopping here and cleaning there, I snuggled with Jameson on the couch, had a picnic with him on our picnic quilt, read a book while he keeping an eye on his outdoor expeditions, and am now watching Little Bear and having a snack with him. That’s the sort of productivity I enjoy most these days. And he, I think, enjoyed helping me splash dishwater do dishes, and thought it was especially fun to turn up the music and turn the mopping into a dance party.

:: Tomorrow I have my ultrasound. We’ll see who guessed closest to the right due date!

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  1. Ryan

    “Ryan loved setting Jameson’s basket…”

    Might I just state publicly as well that you did a wonderful job making Easter special for our family. I’ve observed your [Sinclair] family make that day special over the years, and even enjoyed it with them many times, but it wasn’t until this year that I began to see the potential and experience the depth of all that Easter Day can be.

    It’s a joy to be the direct recipient of your powerful ministry to this family, I’m learning so much about the Lord and His ways toward us, from you.

    (I hope it’s not too weird to say all that here…but I figure your Dad honors his wife in public, so I’m in good company to honor mine!)

    Anyway, Easter was real special and a large part of that was because you worked very hard to make it so!!!

  2. Sarah Diederich


    Beautiful table!!!
    I noticed the Jesus Storybook Bible.
    It is our new favorite family Bible-
    the language is sooo fun and colorful for the little ones,
    ever pointing them to the cross!- Highly recommend

    Praying you’ll feel back to normal soon!
    Sarah D.


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