(drumroll please)

And the due date is… October 20th, Ryan’s birthday! This makes Brietta the winner, although I think Rebecca gets to share first place, since that was really what she wanted to guess, too.

This means I’m about 10 weeks along, and could potentially begin to feel more like myself in only two weeks!

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  1. brietta

    Ryan always said that I reminded him of Rebecca; maybe it’s stuff like this that he was referring to! :)

    I’ve never seen an ultrasound picture of a baby so new. Totally awesome!

  2. diane

    Like Brietta, I’ve never seen such an early ultrasound! Had to zoom in on those little stumpy arms! As an OB nurse, I humbly admit defeat.
    I’ve lost my touch! But you haven’t!! Congratulations on another beautiful Dunphey baby!

  3. Emily

    I got to see Larry on the ultrasound when he was this old – it is so amazing! (And relieving – I had a subchorionic bleed at the time, and the ultrasound was showing us that he was alive!) Even at that size, I was astounded by how much we could see – little arms and legs moving, that tiny heartbeat. Babies are miracles!!

  4. stephanie

    hi danica! you don’t know me. i’m a lurker. :) BUT, I’m due Sept 24th with #4 – 2nd pregnancy – first 2 are adopted – and…. wow! you popped out quick! :) congratulations and every blessing to you and your sweet family.

  5. Andrea

    I have been waiting for you to be pregnant again! That is amazing! I hope you love it the second time around. Labor for me was scary with out Allison helping me this time. Plus I couldn’t remember labor hurting so much with Hayla, but amazingly enough your memory gets wiped clean of the pain part, which in a way, is nice. Labor is such an amazing thing I think. Even though last time I had a natural childbirth, I thought this time was even more so “all natural,” they didn’t even give me pitocin this time, which was nice. Congratulations. Are you going to find out what your having? What would you guys like to have? Probably doesn’t matter, as long as its healthy.


  6. Angela

    i can’t believe you have such a cute belly at only 10wks! congrats!!! i love love love us pics so thanks for posting this one! what a wonderful thing to see baby Dunphey#2.!!! :) yay!!!

  7. Judy T.

    Totally amazing. I am in awe everytime I see an ultrasound picture. Yup, life sure does begin at conception.
    Love to you all,


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