Fuzzibunz: the review

I’ve been using Fuzzibunz for a month and a half now, and I know that some of you are waiting for my review, so…

First, there are several arguments for switching to cloth diapering. Cost is a huge, and obvious, reason to make the switch. Environmentalism is also a motivating factor. However, if you’re researching, and these are your reasons for considering switching, you’ll find that the cost doesn’t always work out, and people argue about the “greenness” of laundering diapers several times a week. While spending less money on diapers, and contributing less to landfills are nice ideas, for me the real motivator was simply my baby’s health. I don’t know about you, but when I would change Jameson’s diaper, I couldn’t help but be creeped out by the chemicals that turned his diaper into gel. What’s in that?, I would wonder, and what’s it doing to him?

Finally, I’d had enough creepy encounters with 10 lb., gelatinous diapers, and was ready to switch.

Having already done hours of research, I was pretty sold on Fuzzibunz. If you’re looking into the switch, you’ll find, like I did, that the options out there are endless. And they are overwhelming. I’ll admit, it was fun to spend a day perusing diaper sites, admiring colors and softness, reading about styles and aplix vs. snaps. But eventually (at my husband’s urging) I went with my initial instinct and dove headfirst into the world of Fuzzibunz.

Fuzzibunz are not the cheapest option. Nosirree, not by a mile. However, the convenience factor was huge for me, because I knew (knowing myself as I do) that if it wasn’t relatively easy, it wouldn’t happen. You know? So, for a few more bucks, I got myself a system that seemed fairly hard to fail at.

And turns out, I was right!

Fuzzibunz are easy. I mean, E-A-S-Y. As all of the blurbs on the internet say, even your babysitter — or, get this — even your husband, can use these. (More importantly, even me!) No pins. No folding. And really? No mess.

Just tuck in the inserts of your choice. (I do this before I put them away, so diaper changes are super fast.)

Adjust the snaps to fit the wiggly little body you’re attempting to diaper.

And when it’s time for a change, just pull out the insert, dump it all into a diaper pail, or diaper bag (which I have), and ta-da!

(Read more.)

Things I love about them:

1. No gel. Need I say more?

2. Because it’s not recommended to use diaper creams with Fuzzibunz (due to build up on the diaper preventing absorbency), I’ve had to be more conscious about letting Jameson’s little bottom get air once in awhile, keeping him changed frequently, and just being more conscientious about diapering in general. Since his health was the reason I did this in the first place, I really appreciate all of that. For whatever reason, it was just too easy to slap another diaper on, smear some cream when needed, and barely ever let him “air out” when using disposables. [Disclaimer: Puddles to occur if you’re like me and forget your baby isn’t diapered.]

3. The cute colors!

4. Always having diapers. Twice, during this funky first trimester stuff, I’ve gotten behind in laundry and have had no clean cloth diapers. I do keep an emergency stash of paper diapers, just in case. But can I tell you that a package of 30 cheapo diapers will last forever? How awesome is that!

5. I get to use cloth wipes, and just as I was told, they’re almost the best part. They actually work! Once in awhile I’ve had to borrow the usual wipe, and they are just so, so wimpy after getting used to that thick square of cotton terrycloth!

6. Just feeling like I’ve made a good choice, and I’m doing right by my baby. (And no, I’m in no way saying if you don’t switch, you’re doing wrong. For me, this was a long time coming, it feels good to have finally done it. That’s all.)

If you’re interested in learning more, leave a comment here, and read more here. Also, she is a Fuzzibunz user with more experience, and she is a walking cloth diaper encyclopedia.

Also, there are many ways to approach cloth diapering. If you’re interested, I can send you links to some sites that sell sample packages of many different styles, so you can discover what will work best for you.

(P.S. More diaper pics.)

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  1. Katie

    I had to laugh that you called me a “walking cloth diaper encyclopedia”….. :-D I guess I have learned a lot over 6 years of diapering NON stop! Sarah O. and I were discussing diapering and that’s when I realized I have not stopped diapering for 6+ years now.

    2 of those years were Fuzzi Bunz years too! Glad they’re working well for you :-) How do you like Charlie’s Soap??

  2. Ryan

    I will add that when necessary you empty the diaper before washing. (Though as I understand you’re supposed to do that with disposable diapers as well.)

  3. Lynsay

    So…a couple questions:

    -I’d love to know more about this diaper bag…is it only for fuzzi bunz? Could I use my cotton prefolds in it?
    -also…more info on the cloth wipes
    -where do you buy Charlie’s Soap at?
    You can just direct me to websites, so you don’t have to do a whole lot more typing…I skimmed the fuzzi bunz site quickly* and didn’t see anything on any of these things.

    *Quickly because it’s midnight and I’m tired!-and I know you’re super tired too..so whenever you get around to it is fine! :o)

  4. Lori Ruehle

    Have you had any leaking through the legs with the fuzzi bunz? I used Happy Heiny’s for a while, but they always leaked, even with 3 inserts! Maybe I just need to try a different brand. And, I am curious about the cloth wipes and diaper bag, too.

  5. Ryan

    @Lori: I’m not sure what Danica’s answer will be, but I haven’t noticed anything. Certainly not enough to be a concern. But as she’s mentioned, she does change him more often.

    Perhaps Danica, you can be more specific as to how often you change him. (It can be that often because we only have six diapers?)

  6. Ryan

    @Ryan: Apparently you’re wrong and your wife laughed at you this morning for even posting to this thread since you rarely change diapers and have no knowledge of what you’re talking about.


  7. Cathy Boyle

    I’ve used Bummis Whisper Wraps with cotton prefolds for the last few kids and I love them. I had small flannel wipes, but they are kind of wimpy. Where did you get the wipes you use? The worst thing for our family is when the diaper is really messy and has to be thrown into the toilet and then it has to be cleaned out by hand! Did you get one of those neat sprayers? I wonder if they work.

  8. Lore

    I have nothing to say, or add, since 10lb gelatin diapers says it all–and beside, I really have nothing to say…

    Except that he is perhaps the most beautiful beautiful boy in the whole world…and if fuzzi -bunz are the excuse you need to take such darling photos of him, I am a whole-hearted supporter of them!

  9. Danica

    @Lynsay: I bought this.

    @Cathy: I’m not sure exactly which wipes were included in this package (I couldn’t seem to find them sold separately, at least, not the exact same kind.) They are terry cloth, though — nice and thick, but not as thick as a washcloth. I really like that, because the texture makes them better at wiping. :)

    And I don’t have one of those diaper sprayers. I wonder, though, if I’ll want one when a new baby, and their new baby diapers, arrive!

  10. Danica

    @Lori: We haven’t had a bit of leaking, but from what I’ve read, everyone seems to have different experiences with different diapers, based on their baby’s shape, etc. I also got lucky in that I simply double up the fleece inserts that came with the diapers, and Jameson gets through the night with no problem. I guess that’s not the case for everyone — hemp is supposed to be the most absorbent, I guess, and maybe that would solve the leaking problem.

  11. brietta

    @Danica & Cathy: I called kathyscloset and found out that the wipes are kissaluvs. Also, Sarah O. told me she never used a sprayer; anything that doesn’t shake off (like baby poop) can just be thrown in the washer!

  12. Lynsay

    So are the wipes already damp and stacked, ready to go like disposable…or before each change you have to go get it wet? And is one wipe all you need for one diaper change, or do you use a few?

  13. danica

    @Lynsay: I wet mine as I need them. However, Jameson doesn’t require a wet wipe all through the night, like a young infant would. If I was getting up at 3 a.m. to change a dirty diaper, I might invest in a wipes warmer for stack of damp wipes. Oh — and I almost always (maybe except once?) use one wipe. Really, they’re awesome.


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