Birthday for Papa Rick!

6 Comments Birthday for Papa Rick!

  1. brietta

    D– where did you get Jameson’s bowl? I need to get another set of children’s dishes for Aubrey and am at a total loss. The other kids’ sets were all gifts from other people, so I have no experience with looking for this sort of thing. I know we talked about this at Christmas time, but I don’t remember what you said!

  2. danica

    @Bri: I got that set at HomeGoods last fall and gave it to him for Christmas. There were a couple of different patterns that I saw in every HomeGoods I went to. So I would check TJ’s, and when you get a chance, HomeGoods somewhere.

  3. nana nene

    am i correct to response happy birthday rick, because louisa’s remark about papa rick not being in the picture. did i miss something.
    this is a great happy picture, i am happy you are all having such a great visit, well ok, maybe a little jealous. enjoy.
    i was also thinking that is is way too long since i had a picture to show off of the ryan, danica, jameson family. maybe while your parents are there you could go in the back yard and pose for a nice family picture. hint, hint, mothers day is coming. love to all


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