a few new pictures

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  1. ana

    Cute pictures:)

    hey, i read “Our Story” and can i just say it is so amazing? It blew me away….seriously. I told Liana that i was just speechless and thats exactly what I want when i’m older. So, thank you thank you thank you for the amazing role models you guys were/are!!!


  2. Janice Leverenz (ebel)

    Danica, Thanks so much for the scripture references, Gideon hasn’t been napping well, so though I tried to find it, I just didn’t have the time.

    Jameson is ADORABLE! I love the pants, you’ve inspired me!

    The more I read about your little one, the more I think our boys should meet, they sound so similar. J

    Well, I’m off to go watch “Becoming Jane” with Mark. Good to hear from you!


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