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:: Jameson loves music. He loves to clap to it, groove to it, play guitar to it (on Daddy’s tennis racket — sound familiar?), and drum to it. And he’s not too picky about what the music is. The other day I was listening to Mozart piano concertos, and he started clapping and moving to the pulse of the orchestra. I guess I don’t have to worry about trying to teach him that all music has a beat (even the music without drums, amazingly enough.)

:: Somewhere along the way, he discovered basketball hoops, and has since been totally obsessed with them. Yesterday we took a long walk through the neighborhood behind our house, and we had to stop at every hoop sighting. I then would have to try to explain that we couldn’t actually walk down a stranger’s driveway and play with their personal hoop. This was very hard for him. To try and make things a bit better, when we got home we played for a bit with our little tykes hoop that Ryan snagged for a few bucks at a garage sale. I’d just like to say that my basketball skills have improved by 100% since purchasing this hoop. (But since 100×0=not much, don’t be too impressed.)

:: Never has a father been so adored by his son as Ryan is by Jameson. The past month has seen a steady increase of excitement every time Ryan gets done with work — and the minute he walks into the yard, Jameson is all ready to play ball, go to the park, wrestle on the floor, you name it. He just can’t wait. If Ryan puts on a hat, Jameson runs for his. If Ryan crosses his arms, Jameson works super-hard to do the same. The light in his little eyes whenever he’s spending time with his daddy is just so, so special.

:: Last night Ryan was gone, attending a company dinner. Jameson and I spent the evening taking a walk, making and eating a simple dinner, but mostly, sitting on the floor pillows in the living room and watching Emeril Live. I’m not kidding, the kid sits and watches any cooking show I turn on. Perhaps it’s because he understands what’s going on (Emeril pulls out a fish, Jameson makes fish lips; Emeril lifts the lid of a pot, Jameson says, “Hot! Hot!”; Emeril cuts a peach, Jameson says, “Mmm.”…)? At any rate, I made a bowl of popcorn, and we cuddled on the floor, munching on our treat and talking about the cooking together. What can I say, he’s an awesome kid.

:: Recently Jameson found one of Ryan’s sports magazines, purchased after the Sox won the series last year. On the cover is the pitcher, and Jameson, upon close inspection, realized that the pitcher’s hat is the same as his! Now, every time he sees the magazine, he runs to get his ball cap, and then points to the red “B” on the pitcher’s hat. And as he turns the pages, he occasionally will cup his hands around his mouth and jabber something that is supposed to be “Let’s go Red Sox!”, because that’s what we did at the game last week. (I forgot to write about that, but yes, we had a family outing to an A’s-Red Sox game. Very fun.)

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  1. nancy

    when Ben was about Jameson’s age, he clapped whenever he heard music, esp. in church during worship. One time,we were playing in the living room when he stopped what we we doing and clapped happily….but no music.
    It took me a moment to figure out what got him started:

    –it was the roar of wind in the trees out the window. It did sound just like the clapping in church!

    I love the tidbits you share about your life.
    Can’t wait to see you SOON.

  2. Sarah

    D – reminds me – did you get the kids CD I sent – not sure if you would like it at all – Or J for that matter, but PLEASE exchange if it’s not for you guys – just looked fun. Let me know. LOVE hearing about his ever budding personality! THANK YOU for the gift of him! xox to you all.

  3. nana nene

    i no sooner wrote to you and said i was longing for more pictures and went to your site and there he is. thank you


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