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Last night, Ryan’s step-sister’s first baby was born. A stillborn baby boy.

Red-haired, 7 pounds… and gone before he came.

They named him Oliver.

Please pray for Catherine and Ben, for their journey through a grief I can’t imagine. Psalms says that our tears are not cried into a void, but that a God who cares collects them in His bottle: He grieves, too.

Pray that a glimmer of His deep love shines through these days of dark.

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  1. Melissa Tulloss

    I ran across your blog doing a random search for christian mama and have been following it for a month or so. I felt inclined to write to let you know I will definitely be praying for this family. I have a special place in my heart for this type of suffering as my first child was born dead as well. He was revived after several minutes and suffered a severe brain injury. He is still with us after 7 years and requires total care. He is my “forever baby” and the light of our home. My heart aches for the loss they are going through. I would love to send them a card if appropriate.
    Sincerely, Melissa Tulloss (Washington State)

  2. sarah o.

    I will pray for God to wrap his loving arms around them as they grieve their loss. A thought which brings comfort to me is that this sweet little baby fulfilled his purpose on earth. I believe God had a plan for this little babe and it was accomplished, so He took him home. I know it can’t possibly help ease their ache though. How their arms must long to hold him. I weep with them for their loss.

  3. LisaC

    Oh, Danica.
    Praying for God’s comfort and grace.
    I pray this family of yours will seek His face for it all.
    May we all remember to hold this family up.
    Thanks for sharing this request-

  4. Mrs. M

    Will be praying. We lost a baby shortly after birth and it was hard but was God faithful. Oliver is such a sweet name.

    I also noticed that we have the exact same due date October 20th.


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