:: Mom’s gardens are bursting into a symphony of color. The vibrant yellow of evening primrose is, obviously, the trumpet line.

:: After a week of very cool weather (during which I was sick and didn’t really care), we’ve managed some absolutely perfect days. Blue blue skies and green green trees. Almost too much color.

:: A few sweaty days of turning sod and weeding has made me feel awfully happy. I just love that stuff.

:: Some things about this crazy family of mine will never change. Other things take me by surprise. Like my dad sitting in the corner at 10:30pm, rolling sticky rice into strips of dried seaweed for an evening snack. Umm, what??

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  1. darlene sinclair

    I can tell you who is responsible for the sticky rice and seaweed — her name is Song and she is such a fun addition to the household! She is teaching us all to love Korean food!

    And thanks for the help in the garden. I love the symphony, love the trumpet line, and love all the additional ornamentation as well! Oh, that it could be captured to stay.

  2. Angela S.

    I love that Japanese snack of sticky rice wrapped in nori. ESPECIALLY if you add dried pickled plums, just like in Japan! I’m going to have to get my friend in Japan to send me a bag of the pickled plums and I’ll pass some along to your dad. LOL!


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