Somewhere in these last two weeks, I suddenly began to feel…well, pregnant. Funny how for weeks and weeks, people ask, “So how are you feeling?,” and you think to yourself, “Huh. I guess fine, ’cause I haven’t given it a second thought.” And then suddenly, one morning, you feel…well, pregnant.

And I’ll write out what I mean by that, since I seem to totally and completely forget during that blissful second trimester that I happily, ignorantly traipse through.

Pregnant: Exhausted. Out of breath. Out of shape. Sore. Aching back. Swollen feet. Swollen fingers. Swollen everything. Actually, just fat. Grumpy-ish (sorry, Ry.) Uncomfortable. Strange constant pressure on bladder (strange because it’s pressure from the outside, as opposed to the inside.) Strange pressure elsewhere that suddenly makes walking a huge endeavor. Did I mention out of shape? Yeah.

I kind of sort of forgot about this part. I guess it’s a little late now to back out? Yeah.

The bad news: Other things that I’ve kind of sort of forgotten about are inevitably going to come, and they will be far less fun.

The good news: This is not a malady. This is pregnancy. That means that there’s a baby at the end of all this.

(I wish I was mature enough to remember that when I’m fretting over my fat face in the morning. Sheesh.)

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  1. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) Sending you hugs today – and hope :) I’m two months on the other side, and oh! How sweet are the days. Love you & praying with you, Q

  2. sarah o.

    Ah, yes. I remember not so fondly the pregnancy days. The aching bones and joints. The impossibility of reaching my toes. All of that… But the baby days, oh, I am loving these days. Sweet baby head. Baby rolls. Baby breath. Mine is growing too quickly! (He has two teeth coming through!)
    I hope your labor this time around is stupendous. (Watch The Business of Being Born to inspire you!) Second labors are supposed to be the easiest ones.
    And one of the best things is that as soon as the baby is out you will feel better. Your toes will be reachable once more. Spoons on the floor will be gotten with ease.

    Hope your last days and weeks are as good as they can be!

  3. Angela S.

    Ohhhhh yeah, a very recent memory. It’s nice to know a slender person feels the same way someone my size feels! Now that I’m 7wks postpartum I’m finally feeling like mySELF again. It is so nice! And yes, getting a baby at the end is all worth it. When I fret about D-Day I keep telling myself I only have to deal with ONE contraction. I just leave out the “at a time” part. ;-)

  4. diane

    Yea, that inevitable feeling of “there is no way out now” part comes.
    But 2’s and 4’s are always the easiest labors (so we said on OB). And oh,the baby at the end! You immediatly join a rank of women who know something very special the rest of the feminist world doesn’t know, that THIS is the greatest fulfillment and joy a woman can know. Don’t you just feel so proud and chosen and special when you’re pregant?!? Like you have a secret gift no one else has?? You do!

  5. Abby

    Sorry, but I am laughing right now. I think that I could have written this post at the beginning of the third trimester with baby #2 and #3. Somehow pregnancy is just happening without a thought, then it’s like “woahhhhh. I am SO pregnant!”


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